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GBI Brunei Initiatives - Transformation and Sustainability - Essay Example

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It is an effort by the present generations to preserve resources and the environment for future generations. This paper seeks to analyze the…
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GBI Brunei Initiatives - Transformation and Sustainability
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Extract of sample "GBI Brunei Initiatives - Transformation and Sustainability"

Download file to see previous pages Green building initiatives are constrained by the challenging processes of transition to sustainable development, technological setback, limited population awareness, limited skilled labor and the high cost of the green building processes. Research and literature have revealed that GBI approach is feasible, and it is in line with Vision 2035 goals. However, the dream would be effectively realized if a focus is directed on tackling the inherent obstacles. In all the efforts, there are high expectations for the government to partake further initiatives in order to align the GBIs with vision 2035 goals.
In the contemporary world, the need to embrace or strive towards the attainment of green economy is particularly emphasized. The emphasis is increasingly being laid upon every area of human social and economic activity, including the building processes. In Brunei, this scenario is well depicted by the existence of Green building initiative. Green building initiative refers to use of environmental friendly practices in the design, construction and operation of buildings. It is an effort by the present generations to preserve resources and the environment for future generations. This paper analyses the GBI in Brunei, the extent Brunei has adopted the practice, the problems it is facing and how these problems can be solved. The objective of this paper is to assess the extent to which the GBI goals are feasible, highlight the inherent impediments and propose possible measures. A survey questionnaire, which is directed to designers, builders and users of different buildings, is used. This is informed by the fact that the employment of questionnaire interview would be pivotal in ascertaining the commitment, as well as the perception of different stakeholders towards the GB initiative.
As the globe strives to achieve a green, sustainable economy, Brunei has not been left out. This is clearly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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