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The Integration of Sustainability Initiatives (green) and Performance Excellence Intiatives - Research Paper Example

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With the increase in global warming and the need to improve performance, companies have recognized the need for these initiatives. Mostly, companies that incorporate sustainability…
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The Integration of Sustainability Initiatives (green) and Performance Excellence Intiatives
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Extract of sample "The Integration of Sustainability Initiatives (green) and Performance Excellence Intiatives"

The Integration of Sustainability Initiatives (Green) and Performance Excellence Initiatives Various companies integrate sustainability and performance initiatives in their operations. With the increase in global warming and the need to improve performance, companies have recognized the need for these initiatives. Mostly, companies that incorporate sustainability capabilities in the culture of the organization are likely to benefit immensely. Wal-Mart is one of the companies that have adopted the initiatives in corporate culture. The company reduced the yearly shipping container by over 500 units. The sustainability and performance initiative that the company employed assisted the company to prevent the use of 1000 barrels of lubricate. Additionally, it led to reduction of trees consumption. Proper implementation of the initiatives enabled the company to make $ 2.4 millions in expenditure savings (Espinoza & Walker, 2007).
Dow Chemical Company adopted green and performance initiatives in the 1990s. The company reduced the use of water. Initially, the company used a large amount of water in the production processes. It adopted various initiatives that aimed at improving the wellbeing of the environment. The environmental initiatives were complemented by performance structures that ensured sustained performance of the business. The other initiatives that the company developed include utilization of seed oils in the production of polyurethane foam, and use of sugarcane in the production of polyethylene. These were done in Brazil. Furthermore, the company used biodiesel waste to produce high-tech epoxy resins. The initiatives enabled Dow Chemical Company to make $ 5 billion because of savings and efficiencies that resulted (Espinoza & Walker, 2007). This occurred during the period between 2000 and the year 2005.
The concepts of sustainability and performance initiatives have been used in development of promotion strategies. New Belgium Brewing has used the initiatives to market the company, improve performance and increase market share of the company. The core beliefs and values of the company relate to the environment. They seek to ensure sustainability approach in the use of the environment. The company adopted the use of wind power in the production process in 1998. Previously, the company used hydroelectric power. Since then, the company has adopted other sustainability approaches to business. An example of the initiatives includes use of heat in the brewery to light buildings. The management of the company used the sustainability approach to brand the business (Mintzer, 2008).
Curtis Packaging took a conscious decision to adopt sustainability and performance initiatives. The company needed to remain luxurious, and at the same time be environmentally responsible. Through the initiatives, the company improved the image it has in the public province. Currently, the company buys over 4.5 million kilowatt-hours of reusable energy annually. The company also used the sustainability approach to market itself. The packages that it produces contain messages to customers about the importance of environmental protection (Mintzer, 2008). Finally, the sales of Curtis Packaging have increased by over $ 30 million since the adoption of sustainability and performance initiatives
Ford Motor Company has also recognized the importance of the sustainability approach to business. The company aims to produce environmentally friendly cars. It produces vehicles that use biodiesels, and that have advanced engines. Additionally, the vehicles have low carbon transmissions. The initiatives further include utilization of sustainable fabric, production of fuel-efficient engines and introduction of clean heavy-duty trucks among others.
Finally, other companies that have adopted the initiatives include Coca Cole, Nestle and Conoco Philips among others. Generally, sustainability and performance initiatives have similar structures. They begin with the manager embracing the idea, identification of appropriate leaders and examination of the risks and opportunities possible (Espinoza & Walker, 2007). The use of the approaches continues to increase as more environmental challenges arise.
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