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LABELS - Essay Example

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A few examples of everyday labels are witnessed in the form of stereotyping individuals who are doing something wrong within a society or are being misinterpreted wrongly. This is something that has received a lot of flak from different sections of the society. The negatives…
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Extract of sample "LABELS"

[CRJ 2400-801] Labels A few examples of everyday labels are witnessed in the form of stereotyping individuals who are doing something wrong within a society or are being misinterpreted wrongly. This is something that has received a lot of flak from different sections of the society. The negatives have meant that labels have been wrongly perceived and there are a number of reasons which suggest the very same. The negative labels are many and will continue to last longer than the positive ones.
Imposition of positive labels can be seen in the case of remarking someone as an able custodian of the good deeds and actions which are seen in everyday life. However, this is a hard trait to find yet there are significant understandings related with the same as this has meant immense value for the people at large, within the domains of any society. Since positive labels are hard to come by, sometimes they are difficult to find out. This means that the positive labels are tough to ascertain and analyze because there is a great amount of jealousy and bias related with labels. Positive labels are so few in the time and age of today that finding them becomes a hard task. The labels need to be comprehended properly so that the society can reap the benefits of the same. The labels are usually the negative ones which deem a lot of significance and thus the society does not benefit from it at all. What is important here is the fact that labels should be used in such a manner that they have more positives attached with them than the other way round.
From a criminological theory, negative labels are very hard to get rid of. This is because these negative labels leave a lasting impression. The criminals are usually the ones upon which negative labels mean a drastic effect and the consequences for the same remain vital in entirety. The criminals are seen as individuals who leave a very negative stereotype for the sake of the society and are thus seen as having negative labels (Brody, 2012).
The labels cannot be changed from one form to another easily. This is because the ones who are negatively labeled have a tough time in receiving the positive labels. This requires quite a task to bring about success. The negative labels are usually hard to drop because they have a sense of stigma attached with the personality under question. The positive labels similarly need to be seen within the same light. The positive labels are somewhat of a difficult situation to come about. This situation is because the labels are perceived by people and not given by the person upon whom the label is imposed.
In the end, it would be sound to state that negative labels are for the long term and thus leave a very wrong impression of the person under perspective. All said and done, negative and positive labels should be tied along with one another to reap the best possible benefits for the people and the society in essence.
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Brody, Richard. “The optics of fraud: Affiliations that enhance offender credibility.” Journal of
Financial Crime 19 (2012) Read More
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LABELS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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