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Reporting a Deal - Essay Example

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Our courts are designed to be an independent branch of government and our judges are required to be the enforcers of the “rule of…
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Reporting a Deal
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, the sentiments of the judge clearly puts the decision of the court on the line and shall leave a question mark in my mind pertaining to the validity and fairness of the possible punishment meted out. So I will have to go to the defense panel and report what I overheard so that they can take the proper moves in order to get a mistrial declared so that a new, impartial judge be assigned to the case.
I should do this with the clear understanding that I must be able to stand up and testify to what I overheard in an impartial inquiry of the judges actions. This is because the defense team will be able to bring formal charges forward against the judge in question and my testimony will be vital in that case. Accusing a judge of violating the Code of Judicial Conduct is not a light matter. It entails putting my own career as a police officer on the line therefore I must be absolutely sure that I did not make a mistake nor misconstrue what I overheard. In the end, it is my conviction in my belief and my accurate understanding of the situation that I witnessed which can spell the difference between a fair penalty being applied to the accused or landing an innocent man in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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