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Exectuive Branch - Research Paper Example

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The Executive Branch Name Instructor Task Date Introduction An ‘executive branch’ is described as section of the government dealing with the management and implementations of the regulations in a society. This unit examines the arrangement, functions, comparisons and consenting to legislation of state and federal executive level…
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Exectuive Branch Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The decision-making branch of the state level is headed by heads of states. All bureaucrats in the state executive level are answerable to the president, but in other cases, the executive level in different states are headed by governors The president in any state level has his own directives to carry out like being the commander in chief of the armed forces. This implies that the head of state is the only individual who can command the military wing of the forces. Secondly, the president has authority to select individuals or ministers to oversee the daily running of public institutions, like ministries and embassies (Ferguson, 2006). Functions of the State Executive Level The executive level has various functions to perform. They include overseeing and put into practice the work of their juniors, since they are mandated to see the overall running, and implementations of the laws. Secondly, the executive level makes sure that laws are followed to uphold their constitution and protect their interest. It applies rules and orders in insuring that enactments are strictly followed. The laws enforced into enactment by the executive level involve the constitution laws signed and acknowledged by the executive head. Thirdly they have the responsibility to appoint the judicial officers like lawyers and state judges. Lastly, the executive has the mandate to appoint officials in a state subsection. The arm is in-charge of the of all key policy-making positions in state or government (Thorburn, 2008). The Authorizing Legislation of the State Executive Level Authorizing legislation can be used to describe the management process, and the instructions used to institute information sharing in any set of an institution. The legislation offers a structure for the enactment of laws and ideas in any set of a system. The executive, state level is guided by rules on the appointments of their officials. The authorizing legislation in any state government is the president or the governor. An excellent authorizing legislation has to meet the set standards like being timely in fulfilling vacancies in any state office. All the officials in the state institutions are appropriately expected to use the legislation act in occupying vacant positions inside an institute. Secondly the authorizing legislation should be considerate of an institution when making decisions pertaining to the appointments of officials in an institution. The authorizing legislation should entail the opus and qualifications for individuals who are to be appointed to occupy key positions in a state institution. Thirdly, the legislation act should plainly state the duties of the commission is selecting to aid in its operations. Lastly, the act should clearly state powers and limits of state officials in the handling of issues. The powers awarded to an individual are stated to avoid abuse (Thorburn, 2008). Structure of the Executive Federal Level The executive federal, level entails distribution of power among the state governments and other institutions like the national administration. The level is collected the office of the president, the managerial departments, the first lady and the independent agencies and committees (Ferguson, 2006). 1 The office of the president is regarded to be the uppermost bureau in the structure. It is composed of the president, the first lady, the vice president and the cabinet. The president ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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