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The Role Of The Judicial Branch In A Democracy - Essay Example

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The past ten years has seen an increase in the discussions over the role that judges and the judiciary as a whole plays in areas that deal with government policies as well as politics, areas that had previously been thought of as areas that legislators should be dealing with…
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The Role Of The Judicial Branch In A Democracy
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Download file to see previous pages There are three branches making up a democracy and these are the legislature which not only sets out procedures that should be followed by the government but also ensures that the law is performed. The executive is the second branch of democracy and its main job is ensuring that policies are turned into action while the judiciary does the work of applying the law according to the procedures of justice that have been put in place while at the same time resolving any disagreements that might occur in the society. In order to ensure that there is freedom which is a one of the most important parts of democracy, it is necessary for these three powers to operate on their own but also act in a way that balances each other. Having the key values defining the law is what forms the groundwork for democracy since they help to constantly protect the constitution. These values also ensure that equality and civil rights and freedoms are always seen. Democracy is therefore thought to be one of the best types of government as a result of the clear separation that occurs between each of the arms of government. This is the reason why a judiciary that is independent in its actions is often seen as one of the best examples of a democracy that is working as it should be. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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