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My Personal Development Portfolio - Essay Example

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I hail from Kazakhstan, a predominantly-Muslim country that was once part of the Soviet Union. I was born during a time of significant widespread national reform, wherein a transition was taking place from a Communist mindset and framework to a more democratic one. …
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My Personal Development Portfolio
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Extract of sample "My Personal Development Portfolio"

Download file to see previous pages That being said, I still experienced some degree of cultural shock when first I arrived in the United Kingdom. For one thing, the legal system here operates with a higher degree of fairness, and the freedom of speech, too, is something, I admit, I had never experienced before. That being said, however, not all of my early experiences were pleasant. Russian being my primary language, I have no shame whatsoever admitting that learning the English language was rather difficult at first, though I’d like to think I have now been able to attain a certain degree of proficiency in it. Even so, I still intend to further improve in this endeavour. Last but not least, I aim to curb my issues regarding time management and procrastination.
My Immediate Objectives
My personal development plan places focus on rectifying my weaknesses. It has been my experience that among the weaknesses I mentioned, the most problematic is my still-developing prowess in the English language, not to mention my difficulties in time management and in public speaking. As early as now, then, I’d like to be able to get to address these problems early, so I can use my time later on to focus on more pressing concerns. In this case in particular, fixing my weaknesses will allow me to utilize my strengths to greater effect.
For one, typing is a skill I want very much to improve on, but more importantly, I feel it necessary to further improve my command of the English language. Of course, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made on my own; so far, I’ve gotten by practicing with people I know. Formal classes may help me learn at an even faster rate, but if at all possible, I’d rather not have to spend more than I can reasonably afford to. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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