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In academic sector, the Portfolios are being widely used to facilitate learning on one hand and as appraisal tools on the other hand so as to assess the learning of students in academic and practice settings. Portfolios help learners to provide evidence of their learning. An…
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Download file to see previous pages (2003, p.288) defines the term as
“a collection of evidence, usually in written form, of both the products and processes of learning. It attests to achievement and personal and professional development by providing critical analysis of its contents.”
Race (2007, p.58) has defined portfolio as “compilations of evidence of student’s achievements, including major pieces of their work, feedback comments from tutors, and reflective analyses by the students themselves.” These definitions clearly imply that a portfolio is nothing but an assessment tool, which is replete with several evidences of learning. That also includes critical reflection on their learning process. Moore (2009) argues that the teachers impart the information to the students and students usually listen to the talk passively. Mohanna et al. (2008) assert that currently, a new trend has set in where students are motivated to get involved, be independent and self-governing. According to Clouston (2005), onus of the learning lies on students while teachers provide an opportunity and congenial environment to facilitate learning.
Crandall (1998) argues that a specific attribute of the portfolio lies in its providing an evidence of learning outcomes. A true learning is demonstrated not only by the collection of evidence in the portfolio but also how the students reflect on them. Girot (2000) stresses on the reflection part for the learning to take place and how the learning is applied in practice to reduce its gap with the theoretical aspects.
Issues related to the use of portfolios in nursing education have been recorded. (Jasper,1995; Karlowicz, 2000; Harris et al. 2001). The first issue is about time factor as students consider the portfolio development a time consuming process and tend to delay its development. They prefer focusing on other course instead. Faculty too views portfolio development as a process that consumes considerable time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rewriting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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