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Tourism/Aviation Policy & Strategy - Essay Example

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Drawing from the theoretical approach that emphasizes on vitality of political processes and ideas in policymaking, the pivotal point of this…
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Tourism/Aviation Policy & Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages As such, crafted approach to crucial policymaking succeeded as it provided ways of curbing inflation and high interest rates. Of late, the concept of crafting approach to policymaking has become lynchpin in many parts of EU due to its foundational ideas and social policy which is an essential factor towards reforming numerous national welfares in Europe (Hayden, 2006: 77). This paper intends to discuss suggestions that constructing approach to policy making is more successful than simple prescriptive approaches.
Crafting approach otherwise known as constructing, designing, or creating approach regards a problem solving process as terminative once a policy maker attains a satisfactory solution. As such, crafting approach to policymaking is an emotional or reasoning procedure that can be either rational or irrational (Torres, 2008:48). Additionally, the procedure can base on tacit assumptions or explicit assumptions thus it is more successful than simple prescriptive approaches. This is because, in designing a policy, an individual has an opportunity to weigh between the cons and pros of a certain decision he or she is about to make. However, it is advisable to note that, people make all decisions while unconscious (Pakko, 2005:568). In real world, people decide without thinking mainly because it could take too much of our time to actually sit and list all the pros and cons of every decision that we resolve to make on our daily lives.
Designing approach is an imperative part of policymaking since its logic bases on all science related professions where ideal specialists use their acquired knowledge in given spectrum to make informed policies (Michael, 2010:57). In medical decision making for instance, medical practitioners make diagnosis then select the appropriate treatment. Several researches that employ naturalistic methods highlight that, in institutions where pressure is high, stakes are high, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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