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Ethical tourism practices in Cancun - Essay Example

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The statement of the paper is ethical and sustainable tourism management in Cancun. For this purpose, Cancun will be studied and analysed as a case study with a focus on the sustainable and ethical tourism successes that have been achieved in similar tourist spots in other parts of the world so as to present a comparative analysis…
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Ethical tourism practices in Cancun
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Download file to see previous pages This island belongs to the Mexican Caribbean sector and the name Cancun means, "bubble". This is literally how most tourists describe the secluded island. The Cancun is like a bubble enveloped in the wrap of time - far away from the maddening pace of the everyday life and external factors. The charm of Cancun lies in the fact that this secluded island offers all kinds of facilities within the island so that tourists do not need to leave the island in order to get any kind of necessities. It has hotels for all classes of tourists and caters to a variety of tastes and preferences as well. In this regard, sustainable tourism is an important feature that can be built into the tourism of the area as this area garners a major proportion of income from the tourism industry in Mexico. Sustainable tourism in this region can flourish mainly as this island has a rich heritage of diverse vegetation and scenic beauty apart from sea world vegetation and rare species of fish and other such species. A country that is so rich in the area of natural environs should take extra care to enhance its sustainable development so as to protect the rare species of the plant and animal kingdom that thrive there.
Apart from this is the fact that due to its hold over the tourism industry in terms of contribution to the economy, Cancun stands a strong chance of developing a framework for sustainable tourism. It merely needs the right case to base this framework on, which has been discussed in this paper. Sustainable tourism in a beautiful island like Cancun is like a dream come true for environmentalists as well as policy makers who believe in green politics and green economy.
Further, Cancun is already an established tourist hot spot. It has a wide network of hotel and other service providers like transport and other facilities. Cancun has 140 hotels, which translates to 24,000 rooms. These hotels and rooms cater to all kinds of people in the socio economic make up. There is something here that everyone can afford. This is a definite draw for a large chunk of tourists. Further, it has over 600 restaurants which ensures that people with varied tastes can find their ideal kind of cuisine in this island. That takes care of food and accommodation - the two most important things that a tourist or vacationer focuses on when on vacation. When a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Tourism Practices in Cancun Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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