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Development and management of a visitor attraction - Assignment Example

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The visitor attraction site, which will be featured in this report, is the attraction sites within the jurisdiction of England. This is the Lake District. This attraction site is located in the North western a…
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Development and management of a visitor attraction
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Download file to see previous pages This attraction site is popular and it accommodates more than fourteen million tourists per year.
This is a place, which is appealing to visitors of different walks of life. The place usually has the cultural value and the décor and ambience admired by the visitors. The visitor attraction attraction site is also abundant of historical significance. In this regard, the place is expected to have extinct animals like the white elephants and other cultural artifacts. The definition of this term is usually difficult because it encompasses many attraction geographical aspects. It is also known as a tourist attraction sites. The term accommodates all categories of people ranging from the most affluent in society to the poorest in society (Todd, 2008). The tourist attraction is usually refers to a place where local and foreign tourists visit to see wild animals and other cultural artifacts belonging to different communities. The attraction site can be a museum. Tradition sisters also possess man-made beauty items.
England has had a big sector for tourism for a long time. However, the economic downturn of 2008 affected the sector. The sector is boost by many visitors from the Western countries especially the US. The revenue collected from the tourists was estimate at $5.9 billion in the year 2010 .This indicates that the national budget of the country is funded by the tourism sector. Dickenson and Houston (2008) conjecture that there was a record high of 5.4 million tourists from the international community in the year 2011.The major attraction site for the visitors in US include the Lakes beach, the . In addition, the rainforests, the Pantanal and the sand dunes contribute to the many features, which attract many visitors into the country across the globe.
The number of international tourists in England started increasing between the year 2000 and 2005. There was a steady growth in the number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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