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Visit Britain: Marketing - Assignment Example

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VisitBritain is a tourism agency operating in Britain.It markets Britain all over the world and aims at developing the tourism industry.This paper looks into the marketing activities of the company and proposes a new product for the firm…
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Visit Britain: Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages It markets Britain all over the world and aims at developing the tourism industry in the country. This paper looks into the marketing activities of the company and proposes a new product for the firm along with its pricing and advertising strategies. Internal Environment Analysis Strengths Niche destination knowledge of Britain Excellent supplier relationships Reputation in marketplace is strong Adequate financial resources Destination Specialist designations Online Reservation System Weaknesses Less variety of food Lack of training in management and customer service Lack of co-ordination and co-operation among the employees Limited choice of destinations Outdated pricing catalogues External Environment Analysis Opportunities Development of new products with exciting prices Capture new market segments Strengthening eco-tourism Development of brand awareness in new markets Threats Threat of new entrants due to low cost of entry New offers at low cost made by competitors Indirect competition from substitutes, such as, local tourism agencies Collection of data from market segment A group of 50 foreign tourists have been questioned in order to gain information regarding their visit to Britain and their comments on the kind of arrangements made by the agency, VisitBritain. Given below is the summary of the information gathered and followed by it is the analysis and the findings from the analysis of the data. The country from which the visitor has come from: The visitors that have been questioned were all foreign tourists. Their country of origin has been asked to find out the countries from which the majority of tourists come to visit Britain through VisitBritain. In other words, it can be analyzed from their responses the popularity of the company in the different countries and how well the company is being able to draw the foreign tourists. The tourists have come from different countries in Europe, as well as from the other continents. The countries from which the visitors have come are; Poland, Germany, France, Latvia, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Armenia, Macedonia, Monaco, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan, China, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia. The age group of the tourists: The tourists have been asked to reveal their age. The age group has been asked with the purpose of finding out the age group of population that is mainly availing the services offered by the company. By analyzing the data it would be possible for the company to improve its services in sync with the requirements of the other age groups that are availing the services of the company at a lesser rate. It has been found that they are in the age range of 25 years to 70 years. The majority of the visitors are middle aged and the age group containing the bulk of the visitors touring Britain through VisitBritain are aged between 30 years and 55 years. Type of holiday: The type of holiday spent by the tourists is important information for the company for conducting analysis. The type of holiday generally spent by the tourists indicates the kind of the features and attributes offered to them and the evaluation of the tourists regarding the company and its offers. To the questions asked, some of the tourists have answered that they have come to visit Britain as a family tour or to spend a vacation with friends and a number of newly married couples have said that they have come to spend their honeymoon period in Britain. Number of night stays in Britain This questioned is aimed at understanding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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