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Greek methodology's effects on ancient socialization - Essay Example

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It reflects the people’s collective experiences as expressed in their myths. Myths, or mythologies, are a society’s manner of seeing itself, much like these stories become a body of a culture and how the people of that certain culture…
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Greek methodologys effects on ancient socialization
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Extract of sample "Greek methodology's effects on ancient socialization"

Download file to see previous pages Greek mythology has heavily influenced their culture and socialization, especially when it comes in their sexual beliefs, may it be having a patriarchal society, or just their plain sexual norms.
Myths are actually the beliefs of people what are subtly disguised as a form of literature. In fact, because so much of these myths are creation stories, many of people believe that most myths are factual.
Greek mythology is quite sexual in nature. Then again, sexual identity is very cultural as well, as our sense of self is rooted in sexual mythology as well. This is because the sexuality of a society is cleverly reflected in their literature. Sex is actually the core of culture. This is ironic considering the mainstream Western belief actually makes sex taboo, even sacred. Many of these Western societies believe that sexuality comes from the individual as it is a private subject. Ironically, sex is the core of every culture. Consider this, without sex or reproduction for that matter, there would be no culture, society, religion, art, etc. Basically there would be nothing if sex is not in the picture. And as evolved creatures, humans are programmed to reproduce.
Christians believe in the story of Genesis. In Genesis, the creation of the world and man and woman is the plot of the story. In it, the first two people were Adam and Eve, and Eve was made from Adam’s flesh, making Eve a mere second-class citizen. But in other myths, specifically in the Talmud, before Eve came Lilith. Lilith here was the first wife of Adam. And unlike Eve, she was made from dust, like Adam. She was also one of the wives of Satan, but because she was deemed “wild”, she left Satan and joined Adam. Their coupling was also deemed to be unfit for longevity because Lilith demanded equality with Adam. It is a logical wish since Lilith came from the same dust where Adam came from. Adam opposed this and they fought; Lilith left and proceeded to live in air. Adam prayed to God ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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