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Gangs and the Violence They Create in the Prison System - Research Paper Example

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Gangs have existed in prison systems for a long time and one of the dire consequences of their illegal activities inside the prison is the creation of violence in order to ascertain their supremacy over weaker, non-violent inmates and their rival prison gangs. Even inside the…
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Gangs and the Violence They Create in the Prison System
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Download file to see previous pages In the light of these studies, correctional officers can understand the mechanism of gangs in prison and take appropriate steps to deter violence in prisons.
The existence of gangs in prison poses numerous challenges for the jail authorities because these gangs are involved in creating violence inside prison systems. Gangs in prison are formed usually be former street gangsters and as such, formation of gangs in prison is inevitable because gangsters prefer to associate themselves with gangs because it enables them to continue their illegal activities even inside the prison.
Gangs within prison become a source of grouping such inmates that share the same ideas or philosophies; or that share common criminal background. However, the possibility cannot be ruled out that gangs forcibly involve such inmates that were not previously part of any gang. Being a part of prison gang is not a temporary connection. Gangsters must remain loyal to the gangs they join in prison.
The reason why gangsters naturally become members of prison gangs is that individual gangsters cannot perform the same way, as they would in a gang. The network of gangs may be affiliated with other networks in and outside the prison. This facilitates their activities inside prison, as a result of which much of the violence is created in the prison systems.
Prison gangs are off-shoots of street gangs; however, the working of prison gangs is entirely different from street gangs. In prison, the gangs must operate within the limits of the prison walls and they do not have the liberty to run away or escape. They do not have their secret hideouts to plan and execute their actions. Moreover, due to the strict surveillance in prisons, gangsters cannot communicate or transmit their messages as they would in an open environment.
Thus, they need to develop their specific way of communication through various symbols and signs. Using symbolic language is much safer than verbal or other typical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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