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SAM 340 UNIT 6 - Essay Example

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They love to play the game that provides immense pleasure and joy. It makes them engage in the physical activity and be physically and mentally fit. It inculcates…
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SAM 340 UNIT 6
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Download file to see previous pages There are sports like indoor and outdoor games. The indoor games don’t require any open place. But to play outdoor games there are certain criteria that we need to consider and have the playground. This forms an integral part. There are games such as football, baseball, tennis that needs the ground which is formed with certain measurements. This can be in regards to the school playground. It can be about the open place that we consider for playing.
To make it function successfully we need the open place that can be useful for sporting event. The word stadium is arrived from the Greek term stade and it relates to the site or the place for Olympic style competition. It’s also called forum, live theater. There are tournaments that are arranged in the stadiums and there are spectators who come and watch the play with lots of enthusiasm. The facility management has to provide the spectators with safe and joyful experience. There are various factors that have to be taken care and worked upon.
In the olden days the stadiums were constructed by the team owners with the intention to provide facilities to their own team members. Gradually, it couldn’t give them the profit and were not able to provide the amenities that are required. The annoyance of the fans is some of the critical issues that have to be dealt with proper facility. By 1960’s Arena construction came into existence which had modern facilities. They lease it with the team owners .There were intercollegiate competitions that were held.
One of the games that has been given importance and has been included in the sporting competition status is the kickboxing. It is various forms of martial arts .It is a Japanese game with traditional styles, that originated in the year 1960’s.American Kickboxing came into existence by 1970’s.It involves punching and kicking .It is liked by most of them. There is no international governing body for this particular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SAM 340 UNIT 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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