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SAM 340 UNIT 6 - Essay Example

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They love to play the game that provides immense pleasure and joy. It makes them engage in the physical activity and be physically and mentally fit. It inculcates…
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SAM 340 UNIT 6
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Extract of sample "SAM 340 UNIT 6"

Mr. Teacher Essay DD (Month YYYY Marketing plan to host a kick boxing tour nt Sport is considered to provide human with the ability to take initiative and act according to their own instinct. They love to play the game that provides immense pleasure and joy. It makes them engage in the physical activity and be physically and mentally fit. It inculcates the habit of working as a team and be a sport. There are set of rules that they need to follow, which imbibes the quality in them to abide by those rules. This can be useful in their practical life. The aim to win enables them to focus and work towards the same. It is encouraged from the school days and it is given due importance. There are sports like indoor and outdoor games. The indoor games don’t require any open place. But to play outdoor games there are certain criteria that we need to consider and have the playground. This forms an integral part. There are games such as football, baseball, tennis that needs the ground which is formed with certain measurements. This can be in regards to the school playground. It can be about the open place that we consider for playing.
To make it function successfully we need the open place that can be useful for sporting event. The word stadium is arrived from the Greek term stade and it relates to the site or the place for Olympic style competition. It’s also called forum, live theater. There are tournaments that are arranged in the stadiums and there are spectators who come and watch the play with lots of enthusiasm. The facility management has to provide the spectators with safe and joyful experience. There are various factors that have to be taken care and worked upon.
In the olden days the stadiums were constructed by the team owners with the intention to provide facilities to their own team members. Gradually, it couldn’t give them the profit and were not able to provide the amenities that are required. The annoyance of the fans is some of the critical issues that have to be dealt with proper facility. By 1960’s Arena construction came into existence which had modern facilities. They lease it with the team owners .There were intercollegiate competitions that were held.
One of the games that has been given importance and has been included in the sporting competition status is the kickboxing. It is various forms of martial arts .It is a Japanese game with traditional styles, that originated in the year 1960’s.American Kickboxing came into existence by 1970’s.It involves punching and kicking .It is liked by most of them. There is no international governing body for this particular game but includes the International kickboxing Federation, World kickboxing Network and so forth. The champion titles are provided by the promoter’s individually.
The game that is played before the live audiences and the type of game that they play make it a crucial thing to have the stadium organized in such a manner that there are no hurdles, that fall at any given point of time during the course of the game. To make this happen we need to analyze, organize and implement activities that make the game safe and secure.
Arena to host a kick boxing tournament using the event marketing plan:
It was a pastime activity prior and now it has become a significant industry. It is challenging to organize a tournament of kickboxing and this is when we need to utilize the sport management skills.
To organize the event we can take the following steps:
Data Collation: We need to consider the time, expense and the place that we intend to organize. The main purpose of the event has to be obtained. There are some games organized on the basis of charity and some are on public demand. The propaganda has to be made about the event that has to be considered and acted upon accordingly. We need to form a committee that can from a team. This way we can segregate the job and assign to the ones who are effective in the sector that they are.
This makes them to provide opinions and with proper discussion we can set the goal.
Planning: The plan of action has to be set in all the parameters. It can be in regards with the revenue, pooling up funds, organizing event, advertisements, sponsors and learning from the other experienced organizers.
Event schedule date: The date that we organize the event shall not clash with any other major events in the neighborhood areas and this can help the people to come and watch this conveniently. If it is on weekends then it would be more feasible.
Contingent planning: If there are any changes in the schedule due to any incidents like rainy day, lockouts, strikes then they need to prepare the plan of action and act accordingly.
Committee meetings: It is important to club all the committee members and find the progress. If somebody is finding hard then we can provide them more information and help one another. This way it can be useful and we can get the overview of the status of the work that each individual is assigned with. If there are any people who want to join voluntarily we can include them and assign them some task. There can be formal and informal discussion and interact with each other.
Funding: This becomes an integral part in kickboxing as there are no international governing bodies we need to find the sources that can help us to get the funds that can be used.
Pre event: We can provide the information about the event that is scheduling which brings in the curiosity. The finance for the stadium can be obtained in the form of revenue streams like concessions, advertisements, sponsorship, premium seating, suites, and seat licenses and so forth.
Communication and Marketing: The awareness of the particular event is important to pool up more audiences. This ensures that the tickets are sold and we can yield the result effectively. It has to be done prior to the day we start issuing tickets.
We can use the simple techniques like television advertisements that can be viewed by the audience.
We can use the hoardings placed in and around the neighborhood places.
Email marketing can be used. We can update the information on the websites that are usually browsed by the users like the face book, Google, yahoo that can help the visitors to know more information.
We can create a website on our own and an online accessibility that bring in more business. The online transaction can be flexible for them and can help to increase the flow of audiences. They can buy tickets online.
We can have it printed on newspapers, e letters and so forth.
Permits: As an Organizer it becomes essential to know the rules and regulations that have to fulfilled prior and take the required permission from the federal laws. There has to be permission granted and it has to be with respect to the information that is fulfilling the criteria. This gives good impression and can build the reputation.
The kickboxing team that is participating in the competition have to get the medical examination done and shall have the permission to play this game. This ensures that during the game there are no complications.
Indoor facilities: The audience come in to the stadium to watch the game and their interest and needs have to be taken care. There are all age group of people. Precautionary measures have to be taken to provide them shade and assistance when needed. The food stalls that are opened in the place have to be hygienic and they have to be checked and given instructions prior to the commencement of the game. In case of live shows they can contact the concerned organizers and get the clarified information. There has to be prior rehearsals and look after with the time and the duration. It shall not become a hindrance. The child who wants to play over there has to be provided with some playing toys or entertainment to engross them in the other activities that interests them.
Precautionary measures: This has to be given utmost importance. It is a public place and has huge crowd. There has to some type of control over them. The authoritative control can be using the local police and other necessary governing bodies if required. The emergency aid has to be provided and frequent checks have to be made on the crowded place without interrupting the audience interest.
Post event: After the successful completion of the event it becomes equally important to address the committee members and give them the insight.
It can be a successful event when the game is carried out without any chaos and then we can appreciate the help that they extended and give thank them for their contribution.
If there were any minor hurdles then we can get the feedback and work upon it.
This kind of marketing plan can ensure that the kickboxing tournament is organized successfully and can enhance the skills. It can be used for any future arena can be a learning experience.

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SAM 340 UNIT 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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