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Ultimate fighting championship - Essay Example

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It has world’s topmost fighters, and has the honor of arranging events and tournaments all over the world. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev.,…
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Ultimate fighting championship
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Download file to see previous pages Since UFC is spreading its vision to digital platforms, there are a lot of career opportunities for affiliate marketers, as UFC continues to enter into partnerships with advanced distribution partners, like Xbox and Play Station. Jobs are available for the management of affiliate marketing relationships with these distribution partners. Opportunities are also available in UFC sales and marketing department for carrying out corporate sponsorship sales. The job of a senior director in UFC sales and marketing will be to generate revenue by advertising the portfolio of UFC international entities. He will also be responsible for gaining scholarships and building business relationships with high-profile corporate partners. Market research coordinators are also required in UFC. A market research coordinator will be responsible for regularly coordinating and managing research projects regarding event planning, sponsorship, public relations, advertising, marketing through digital media, and other company divisions. Other career opportunities are present for Digital Marketing Partnerships Manager, General Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Recruiter, Digital Media Analyst, Digital Media Affiliate Marketing Manager, and Cost Accountant (Simply Hired, Inc.). This shows that UFC offers a vast variety of career opportunities.
As far as goals and objectives are concerned, UFC aims to train best fighters in the world, while giving innovations to its programs and events. It also aims to go into business partnerships with high-end distribution partners. Since it is the fastest developing sports organization in the whole wide world, it aims to promote mixed martial arts at a global level. It also aims to arrange tournaments of highly skilled athletes in various disciplines of martial arts including karate, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, grappling, sumo and various other fighting sports. UFC has another ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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