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#591304 Animal Rights Introduction It is not unusual that man and other animals would be seen together, or even be living together, if one explores evolution or creation. Throughout history, animals have been known to have attended man’s existence as co-inhabitants of the world, both as friend or as prey on either side, with friendly co-existence as the more natural relationship that would persist…
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Animal Rights
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"Animal Rights"

Download file to see previous pages Which is why for all the valuable things animals could do for mankind, man or at least a great majority of human beings, have thought to also accord animals similar rights as human beings. In the United States, these animal rights are enshrined in a number of laws and statutes that ensure protection to animals and that prosecute individuals who are involved in animal abuse. The Michael Vick Case Michael Vick was a football quarterback playing for Virginia Tech when he was sighted for his prowess in the football field and eventually awarded a crack at the National Football League via the Atlanta Falcons. It was during his stay with the Atlanta Falcons that Vick had the best time in his life as a league contract athlete when he led the Falcons in their bid for the NFC championship against the Philadelphia Eagles. Ironically, it was also during this time that Vick probably had the worst time in his life when it was discovered that he engaged in drugs and professional dog-fighting. While Vick had denied these allegations attributed to him, evidences linking him to the illegal activities had surfaced. In August 2007, Vick admitted to the NFL Commission that he had bankrolled and participated in the dog-fighting operation. He was promptly suspended by the NFL. And sooner after that, following an intense investigation by the FBI, Vick admitted to killing dogs himself, and was sentenced to 23 months in prison and pay a substantial fine for running a “cruel and inhumane” dog-fighting ring. He spent 21 months in jail and was committed on his last two months to house arrest. During this last part of his sentence, Vick thought of going back to professional play. After some negotiations that included professional monitoring by his probation officers, he signed up with the Philadelphia Eagles that signaled his re-entry to normal professional football. Lessons from Vick’s Case The Vick’s case offers a lot of insights and lessons that people could learn much from. One such insight is the observation that there are people, or groups of people, who would look at animals as objects of passion or consumption or prey and would not share a bit of humanity towards them. They would ignore that there is value in seeing animals, particularly pet animals, as capable of returning a caring gesture or a training effort as have been documented in many cases involving particularly pet dogs which grew under the protective and loving care of their owners. Jennifer Leonard, a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of Natural History (Reilly) writes: “We know that dogs were useful for lots of things in Stone Age culture as draft animals, in hunting, for warmth, and for protection.” In many cases, pet animals have proven themselves indispensable to human beings in providing company, care, assistance and many more valuable roles. An example of such an instance was the baby abandoned by her mother deep in the forest in Kenya sometime in 2005. A stray dog, which must just have given birth to her baby pups, heard the cries of the baby and dragged her to be with her own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I had an issue with a essay types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular essay. Even though "Animal Rights" is far from my studies, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.
Animal rights
...?Animals Rights Since inception, a common perception prevailed that believed in “dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle and over all the world and over every creeping thing that creped upon the earth” [1]. However the man kind started treating the animals as their property in many ways. The man kind was never entitled to use animals for entertainment purposes to say the least. Realization has been around in this regard and throughout centuries people have raised voice for animals rights The first instance in this regard was noticed in 1635 when a legislation was brought to forefront that opposed use of sheep fur for wool making [2].The British Philosopher John Locke gave idea of animal rights... , and no...
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Animal Rights
...? Final Semester Project Animal Rights West Virginia Northern Community College – BIO 110 Introduction Development in medical science isbased largely on experimentation and research and animals have served to be the subjects for this purpose. Animal research has played a key role in the advancements in psychological knowledge over the twentieth century. In this regard the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the year 1990 clearly presented this fact in these words, “The use of animals has been and continues to be essential…. In applied research with direct clinical applications in animals and humans.” Animals are used in psychological research because they assist in the better understanding of human psychological... ...
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Animal Rights
...of that is saturated with growth hormones. This particular proposal pertains to a research paper; however, it is also meant to serve as a clarion call to humankind as a means to reignite the moral compass that has been lost and focus their attention on the moral harm that is being done to animals with respect to this industrialized slaughter and inhumane treatment. At the end of the day, the fact remains that we share a planet with these creatures and are ultimately related to them as life forms that share our planet Earth. As such, the two opposing views that people share with regards to this topic hinge upon the level of rights that the animals we consume should receive. Radicals on...
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Animal Rights
...A Critical Analysis of Man-Animal Conflict in Animal Right Issues Introduction The question whether animals should have rights is one of the most debated topics in modern age. It has been viewed and examined from many perspectives. But scholars have failed to reach any unanimous conclusion. Anyway, while deciding whether animals should rights or not, the debaters mainly focus on several factors such as animal ability to learn, to use language, the level of their consciousness, their ability to feel pain, etc. A school of debaters of animal rights claim that whether...
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...? Question Human ethical attitudes and practices with respect to the non-human animals exhibit an inquisitive instability. On the other hand, several people believe that it is unethical and wrong to inflict anguish and death on an animal for an inconsequential reason. Torturing a cat or setting it on the fire by the way of childish prank is one of the key examples of wrongdoing in the literature of philosophy. It is true that all breathing animals have morale rights like human beings. They breathe and live like us. Most importantly God created the animals. Therefore, it can be stated that non-human animals also have the basic...
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...number: Day-to-day survival with plants and animals There are many people in the United s with varying views concerning animal rights. Some of them believe that we have moral or ethical responsibilities towards animals, leaving us the suggestion that we should leave away a nation of meat eaters and shift to vegetarianism. Concerning this point, various philosophical considerations surface in order to convince the public that we have indeed moral or ethical responsibilities towards animals. Arguments are therefore essential in this case and it is the primary purpose of the work at hand to critically evaluate and focus on the relevant articles that Michael...
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Animal Rights
...and number From farm and exotic animals, to lab animals to those considered household pets, the of whether these creatures have a right to ethical treatment, and if so, exactly what that ethical treatment entails and to what degree has been a source of debate for many years. Lately, more media attention and emphasis on this question has emerged, creating at times more questions than answers. Philosophical ethical arguments have similarly emerged. Of the two articles examined in this paper, the first by Regan and Singer states the unequivocal rights of animals; the other, by Baxter, the unequivocal right and dominance of man over...
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Animal Rights
...Animal Rights In the grand scheme of life, we human beings ought to consider ourselves lucky to have evolved on top of the food chain. Looking at itfrom a more religious point of view, we humans are blessed to have been created to “look over” all the other living creatures of the earth. Either way one looks at it, the fact remains that as the ones who are at the top of the taxonomic hierarchy, we ought to take it upon ourselves to be responsible “overseers” of other animals. Thus, I believe that we have a moral obligation to treat animals the right way. Indeed, humans have learned to raise animals for their personal consumption....
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Animal rights
...Animal rights The domesticated animals play important roles in the home environment. However, over the years, animals have been mistreated or even treated to cruelty of a vast nature. From the handling of heavy luggage for donkeys to being killed for food, animals have been used in the society for various reasons. In contrast, human rights have been advocated for by several organization until it has been understood by the society. The rights and privileges of animals have been abused and not advocated for because of the inability for animals to stage demonstration against problems facing...
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Animal Rights
...Sarah Alkhalifah Hazleton English 101 Dec. 6, Animal Rights Animal research has been used to achieve great milestones on many fields relating to health and medical wellbeing of both humans and animals. The research has reduced human suffering and come up with cures to diseases and conditions, as well as brought new knowledge into the world. However, due to the downside of the experiments, the main focus of the analysis lies on the abuse of animal rights in regard to their use in testing and financial exploitation. Experiments on animals have played a crucial role in the lives of both animals and...
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