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Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Experiments - Research Paper Example

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The author of the paper concludes that the animal testing is inhumane and expensive. Human is not so vulnerable creatures that they have to depend on animals to get tested for their response to drugs. The method is unreliable, inhuman and unjustified …
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Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Experiments
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Download file to see previous pages It led to progress in the area of cancer, diabetes, physiology, reproductively, hypertension etc. They were very helpful for advanced researches to find a cure of the diseases. (Langley, Animal experimentation)
Thousands of people died due to incurable diseases of their time like smallpox (that was before the 18th century). When animal testing was introduced to researchers by Edward Jenner, it successful in discovering a vaccine for smallpox. This helped a lot of people and it continues to do so or else people would’ve been dying thinking its incurable.
The basic justification given to this statement is that if human use animals for specific purposes like food, transportation, leather etc then why can’t they be used for experiments which are beneficial for the humans in the end. Henry H.Donaldson, a great researcher was convinced at a point in his career that it’s justified to use animals for a scientific experiment. Animals basically act as volunteers for testing or researches for their behavior and response to drugs.
In his book (Donaldson) he explained his view regarding how beneficial this could be for humans when animals are tested for researches. He mentions albino rats who, according to him possess a similar nervous system to the human CNS. Thus research results could easily be transferred from rats to human. He said comparing the two, does not mean that humans at any point are overgrown rats but it was just to enrich and precisely verify the results. Rats were not only used for drugs testing but were also used to explore human behavior.
Likewise, Watson believed that animal research had the right to exist for its own sake. He believed that it was important to investigate the response and behavior of rats for their own good. It was important to know how the animals were responding to the changes (Watson S., 2009)     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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