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Evaluative Rhtorical Mode - Essay Example

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This paper "Evaluative Rhetorical Mode Essay" investigates that the purpose of the website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is to offer information about the sporting event, schedule of events and appearances, statistics on the people involved, video footage from past events…
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Evaluative Rhtorical Mode Essay
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"Evaluative Rhtorical Mode"

Download file to see previous pages Even if a person who is not a fan of the sport can access the website and find helpful information if they just want to learn about the Championship, or if they are interested in becoming a fan themselves. This particular website excels in meeting its purpose. It is informative on the Championship, providing visitors with anything they could possibly want to know about the Ultimate Fighting Championship. While it is very fan-friendly, it is also appealing to people who are just curious about the Championship and are seeking basic information. The website contains a plethora of facts and details that cover every aspect of the sporting event. The strong amount of information provided on the webpage makes it simple for the website to reach its purpose. However, there is a slight problem in tracking down certain information due to how cluttered the website feels, especially to people who access the site for the first time. The aforementioned is one of two problems with the format of the webpage. The first issue, as previously noted, is that the homepage of the website is a cluttered mess of facts and information. While the sections are split up so that they do not mix with unrelated sections, there is simply too much information on the front page. Even with separately headed sections, there is a lot to take in, which can be confusing for people that are not used to the website. The homepage contains what equates to a summary of the entire website, and it is too much is a rather small space. While this layout can be good for gleaning a lot of information at a single time, it can appear to be a jumbled mess to someone who is not used to the page. The second problem with the website is a difficulty in navigating the page. Besides the main navigation bar at the top of the page, there are other links throughout the rest of the page. In most cases, clicking one link will take the visitor to another page with even more links, and a link from that page will just continue the trek to another page full of other links. There is a search bar at the top that allows visitors to type in something specific, and most of the links are detailed enough for a visitor to know what they are looking for, but the navigation between additional links gets to be too confusing. The only changes that the website should see is in regard to the layout of the homepage and the navigation throughout the entire site. The homepage needs to contain less information so as to not overwhelm visitors, especially the ones that are new to the site or are only visiting to obtain a few quick facts. The homepage should only consist of some brief information about the Ultimate Fighting Championship, such as the history and what it is, and perhaps an events schedule. There should also be a section containing links to the other most important aspects of the page, such as those previously mentioned. If a person finds it hard to work their way around the homepage of a website, they may not feel that it is worth it to explore the rest of the website. Similarly, the links need to be fixed up so that there are fewer of them. Each webpage in the site should be designated to a specific part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship so that visitors do not have to keep jumping from page to page looking for a specific piece of information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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