The Positive and Negative Effects of Playing Video Games - Essay Example

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This paper investigates how video games affect children and adults in their personal and social lives. I revised my paper until I was sure that the paper is suitable for release as it conformed to the standards of academic writing. I carried out a literature review to see what experts say about the topic…
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Playing Video Games
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Download file to see previous pages I structured my research essay into three broad sections, namely introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction ended with a thesis statement that contained the crux of what was discussed in the body paragraphs i.e. “However, video games could be helpful to children and it can affect them mentally, but how video games mentally affect children and teenagers in social life.” Each body paragraph started with a title statement giving direction for the rest of the lines in that paragraph. For example, the title states “The idea of an independent individual fighting an evil force can lead the player to develop a mentality that everyone else is the enemy” is followed by a discussion of aggression and social distancing of the players as a result of constant playing of video games in the paragraph. I tried to smoothly transit from one paragraph to another to give the paper flow. For example, the last sentence of one paragraph was, “So, game consoles are building an online base that all players can connect with one another.” And the title sentence of the paragraph immediately following it was, “Moreover if players’ fail in the first attempt of a violent video game, they can keep trying until they achieve the highest possible levels.” In this example, “moreover” has been used as a linking word between the two paragraphs that suggests that what is discussed in the following paragraph is in line with the subject of discussion in the previous paragraph. I have separately discussed the positive and negative effects of playing video games on children and adults.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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