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The positive effects of video games on society - Essay Example

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In the paper “The positive effects of video games on society” the author discusses negative effects of video games. The association of violence to violent video games has amplified the view that video games have negative effects on the society…
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The positive effects of video games on society
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Extract of sample "The positive effects of video games on society"

Download file to see previous pages These changes have made video games realistic, complex, diverse and social and have resulted in an emergence of research on the positive effects of these games (Ferguson, 2007). In this regard, this essay will consider the positive effects of video games on society. The association of violence to violent video games has amplified the view that video games have negative effects on the society. It is for this reason that a vast majority of research conducted on this topic has concentrated on the negative effects of these games on society. Despite the lack of extensive research on the positive effects of video games, the benefits associated with play can be linked to video games. The general benefits associated with play include the ability to experiment social experiences while simulating possible emotional consequences and the opportunity to reproduce real life situations and find solutions. This is essential in the development of social skills (Durkin and Barber, 20002). However, unlike traditional games, video games are interactive and may not allow physical involvement in the game. Video games allow users to interact with gaming systems and these systems react to the behavior of the player. Video games can be played alone with the physical presence of other players or can be played online with other numerous players. These games can also be played alone, competitively or cooperatively. The games also take various genres and allow the players to interact in different contexts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In this regard, this essay is written with the objective of determining the effects of video games on society. It would initially start on the origins of video games and rationale for playing video games. The discourse would also present the advantages and disadvantages of video games to find out their implications to the users and to society, as a whole.
The exact date for the creation of video games could not be pinpointed due to its reference and interrelationships with people, games, companies, and culture which actively influenced it. According to Herman, Horwitz, Kent & Miller (2009), video games started with Ralph Baer’s assignment of creating a television set incorporated with a game. They averred “it...
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...Video Games Video Games Video games assist individuals in developing their visual attention (Green, 2003). All individuals come across various visual stimuli at one point in time and they have to select the important stimuli and ignore others. While playing shooting based video games, individuals come across various visual stimuli but they have to identify the important ones which is their enemy or the target in order to successfully kill the target. This characteristic of fast paced shooting video games help in enhancing their visual attention. Video games even assist in enhancing the creativity of the users and even help in identifying how people react to certain behaviors and actions. Video games such as dress up games allow...
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I structured my research essay into three broad sections, namely introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction ended with a thesis statement that contained the crux of what was discussed in the body paragraphs i.e. “However, video games could be helpful to children and it can affect them mentally, but how video games mentally affect children and teenagers in social life.” Each body paragraph started with a title statement giving direction for the rest of the lines in that paragraph. For example, the title states “The idea of an independent individual fighting an evil force can lead the player to develop a mentality that everyone else is the enemy” is followed by a discussion of aggression and social...
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Based on changing trends among children it is also evident that video games have replaced traditional physical games that were common some years back. Initially, there was a common stereotype that as compared to women, men had dominated in the consumption of video games. Today, the number of women who play these games is almost equal to that of men. As time goes by, video games continue to evolve and advance hence attracting the interest of the media. Since many people have been attracted to this form of entertainment, the term ‘gamer’ is commonly being used by the media to refer to people who play video games. Media has played a significant role in shaping public perception on video games.
Media has contributed to popularizin...
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Many theories have been put forth concerning the aggressive behavior of the youth. Although it is not possible to pinpoint the causes of youth aggression, there are a number of factors that can make a child prone to violence and aggressiveness. Watching violent videos and games has been named as one of the leading causes of promoting hostility in youth. Many argued that children who are not violent would become violent when exposed to violent video games and television programs for a long period of time.

Many people in recent years have come to believe that violent video games are more violent than violent music, videos, and television programs (Gentile). There are a number of reasons for this thinking. Firstly, it is b...
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