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Evaluation of Janet Holmess - Essay Example

Evaluation of Janet Holmes’s Essay The difference in communication between sexes has been a major talking point in society. Women have been labeled as “talking too much” while men have been seen or viewed as potential or good listeners. However, the article by Janet Holmes discusses the issue in detail while offering an understanding of the various issues associated with ‘talking too much’. Across the world, women have been believed to talk too much even in situations that do not require communication. In view of the developed ideology, Holmes evaluates and conducts analysis on the issues and gives a clearer view of the problem than initially presented (Holmes). She addresses the diverse situations and the contribution of women in the whole process making clear the nature and countering the argument presented in the society. From the essay, there is a fallacy of thought on communication that must be revisited and addressed. In order to address the problem, the essay offers several examples and quotes research conducted by the authors to disapprove the view. Therefore, “talking too much” is a constituent of many factors such as communication, dominance, knowledge and the type of meeting. The argument of Holmes is using rhetoric. She uses statement such as; “women’s tongues are like lamb’s tails-they are never still.” However, the key idea is in ironic form, which is an evaluation of the statement. The image of the lamb is easy to envision and creates emotional feelings. The irony of the

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statement is by the admission that women do not speak too much in all situations. The proverbs around the world compare women talk illustrating the belief of ‘too much talk.’ The Scottish proverb indicates that nothing is so unnatural like a talkative man or a quite woman. These proverbs create rhetoric to the essay because the finding of the essay is different. Depending on the situation women will talk much or less. Women tend to speak more in informal meeting and less in a formal meeting. The addition of the proverbs across the world illustrates the irony associated with “too much talk.” Some proverbs illustrate that women talk is not, but Holmes presents a new meaning to the proverbs. Women talk much or less depending on the situation and the position of the woman. In fact, under informal talks women were found to contribute more compared to formal talks such as in formal meetings. Social confidence is a factor that affects the willingness to contribute to a discussion. Therefore, the use of rhetoric in the essay puts emphasis on the points presented by Holmes by presenting the overall view of humanity in relation to the matter. The role of communication is to offer understanding of an idea or an opinion to the listeners. However, Holmes argues that communication between sexes is about dominance and control. The sex wielding the power will try to develop the control or limit, which is acceptable and the limits that are as ‘too much’. The essay’s level of persuasiveness is evident by the presentation of the idea. First, the locus of control or power is to the males. For instance, women and men behave differently in a formal meeting and seminar which gives an indication of the failure of the argument. Therefore, by referring to the evidence collected by British, American, and New Zealand researchers, Holmes counters the argument of too much talk. She illustrates the relationship between domination and period of time offered to speak. Women are little time compared to the allocation given to men. The credibility of the Holmes argument of male dominance is questionable because of the diverse factors. The argument may not be substantive because it is with gender bias and creation of women discrimination view, which is minimal in the contemporary society. Stereotyping and generalization as witnessed in the article illustrate failure to analyze and conceptualize the events or occurrence. Therefore, creation of an article based on illustrative evidence to justify occurrence, or personal opinion illustrates the bias in reasoning. Women must participate actively in the society to claim the positions they want. They must fight male domination in the board meeting; as such it should not be used as a measure of ‘talking too much’. In conclusion, the article by Holmes is rhetorical, expansive and carefully researched with all issues being supported by evidence. Gender discrimination in language and communication has poorly in the article. The presentation of ideas is persuasive, but the evidence presented is not conclusive. The failure to address the gender bias presented shows the existence of personal opinion. Stereotyping is a major factor discussed by Holmes by presenting male dominance as a factor influencing women's involvement in the communication. The stereotyping and gender discrimination presented is not the major cause of ‘talking too much’. Therefore, the argument presented by Holmes is not correct because of the evidence provided are not conclusive. Works Cited Holmes, Janet. "Women Talk Too Much." August 2013. Language Myth # 6. Online. 24 September 2013. . Leiter, Sharon. Critical Companion to Emily Dickinson: A Literary Reference to Her Life and Work. New York: Infobase Publishing, 2007. Print.
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The article by Holmes is rhetorical, expansive and carefully researched with all issues being supported by evidence. Gender discrimination in language and communication has poorly in the article. The presentation of ideas is persuasive, but the evidence presented is not conclusive. …
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Evaluation of Janet Holmess
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