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BSBOHS503B Assist in the design and devlopment of OHS participative arrangements - Essay Example

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The moral obligation results from the need to provide a conducive and safe working environment for the workers so as to enhance productivity. Work place…
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BSBOHS503B Assist in the design and devlopment of OHS participative arrangements
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper the conduct of a health committee is evaluated in terms of building a committee that is functional and effective. A constitution to govern the working of the committee is proposed, and dispute resolution in the committee in terms of the work, health and safety (WHS) management model is discussed.
In the case study given, a health and safety committee has been operational for six months but has been ineffective due to a clash of personalities. As the workplace safety officer, there are various steps I can take to improve the efficiency of the committee. The first step will be reviewing the committee’s constitution to ensure that it is aligned with the organization’s vision. The committee members will be educated on the purpose of the committee. The junior workers in the committee will be taught that the health and safety committee is not another avenue for them to voice their wishes to the management. Rather, it is a forum to generate solutions for the health and safety problems at the workplace. The second step will be improving the cohesiveness of the committee through team building exercises. Team building and workplace cohesiveness reduces workplace bullying incidences which are impact negatively on workplace health and safety (Chan-Mok, Janet, Carlo and Chris 3; Keashly and Branda 423). The agenda of the committee meetings will be clearly communicated to the members. This will avoid deviation from the relevant issues during the meetings and preempt the witnessed personality crash. Finally, the committee will be setting practical goals and steps to achieve these goals. An evaluation procedure will be available in order to determine if the goals are being met in a timely manner.
The health and safety committee is tasked with coordination of health and safety related activities in an organization. The committee should be representative of all stake holders who are affected by the health and safety systems implemented by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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