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Nowadays, technology is aiding sports organization and management a great deal. The sports industry has undergone key developments…
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SAM 340 UNIT 5
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Module Principles and Practice of Sport Management The sports industry’s unique and intricate management practice has turned many recreational activities into major sporting events in the world. Nowadays, technology is aiding sports organization and management a great deal. The sports industry has undergone key developments over the last 150 years and still continues to develop. The numerous sporting events and exhibitions held across the globe have immensely improved the world of sports and the sporting industry as a whole. Recently, sports have become too much of a game to be a business and have also become too much of a business to be a game (Masteralexis, Barr and Hums, 215). The sports industry in the United States is developing at a high rate owing to use of improved technology and massive support from the government and sporting fraternities.
Professional Sports. Professional sports entail athletes competing as a team or as individuals, and the reward system is based solely on performance. A professional sport is a major international recreational activity that contributes billions of dollars to the economy every year. North America has been able to develop many international players, and this has made the region lead in the world of sports. The use of improved technology and increased demand for sports programming have also made North American sports a hit in markets abroad. North America holds five major international leagues namely, the National Hockey League, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the Major League Baseball and the Major League Soccer (Rosner and Kenneth, 496).
There are other international leagues that are played in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia and they include: American football, baseball, soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, hockey and volleyball. There are also other professional sporting events that involve individual sportsmen and women, and these include action sports like tennis, track events like relays, and field games like javelin. The NASCAR, Nextel and Professional Golfers Association, organize these events and act as the key management of the sport industry.
Sport Agency. Representation of athletes in competition by individuals led to the emergence of sports agency. The sports agency evolved and developed due to high competition as sports agency tried to market their clients in the world of sports. International Marketing Group was the first sports agency to represent athletes in competitions back in 1960 when it first represented Arnold Palmer. There are over 4,300 professional agents in the five main leagues and out of these, only 1600 to 1800 of the agents are registered (Masteralexis, Barr and Hums, 220). In most cases, many agents either do not have clients or they engage in part-time agency while supplementing their incomes through other means. Most athletes have more than one agent representing their interests. This is mainly due to the high competition which has made potential agents spend sleepless nights looking for promotional deals for their clients. In United States, Major League Soccer (MLS) has attracted adoration the world over due to quality representation of coaches and sound management of the sport and other related activities. MLS operates under Federation International de Football (FIFA) regulations although FIFA has not embarked on registering its agents since 2001.
The purpose of an agent is to serve an athlete or the client to the best of their abilities while ensuring high performance by the athlete. Agent representation is quite significant in places where there is need for contract negotiations, and it handles endorsement deals and all financial processes on behalf of an athlete. A trustworthy agent should not only take care of an athlete, but also help the athlete to secure opportunities both in the sports industry and other sectors like advertisements. An athlete should find an agent who is experienced in contract negotiations and is of reputable character.
In conclusion, relationships between athletes and their agents, management, and even those concerning the sports industry are essential to continued success of the of professional sports. Professional sports have played a major role in the development of the economy of many countries in the world. Thought sports agents play a vital role in helping athletes to secure opportunities in the sports industry and elsewhere, ethical practices should be enhanced so as to safeguard the athletes’ interests.
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