Legal Principles and Ethical Principles Applied to Sport Management - Article Example

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The writer of the article attempts to provide a critical response to a particular piece of study on sports management methodology. The document argues from the point of view that risk management in line with legal and ethical principles is necessary for the sports industry…
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Legal Principles and Ethical Principles Applied to Sport Management
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The sports industry is meant to bring people from various walks of life together thus diversity. This is protected via the application of ethical principles (Masteralexis, Barr and Hums, pp. 86). Risk management, therefore, has to be in place so that issues of legal uncertainties are put in check.
The management strategy in line with risk management ensures that the sport manager is in a controlling position. Risk management has two sides. It has both negative and positive sides. Risk management can, therefore, be counterproductive if at all it does not receive the full support of the stakeholders (Masteralexis, Barr and Hums, pp. 110). This is common whenever they have conflicting ideas which they intend to implement. Lack of support and improper implementation automatically leads to lack of achievement with regard to the initial objectives of the risk management program.
Risk management helps in the area of intervention and prevention (Masteralexis, Barr and Hums, pp. 96). The emergence of problems will be controlled in addition to having a comprehensive framework to handle problems that will have come up. It is, therefore, necessary to incorporate a proper risk management strategy. The reason for this personal opinion is because risk management puts the sports manager in a good position to anticipate and prepare for sports’ risks. This enhances a smooth transition for the benefit of a team with regard to its overall performance/results/output and saving of time and resources.  Read More
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