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Olympics - Essay Example

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Olympics have been known as the most watched and the most well known lucrative sports event in the world. All the countries from the entire world are the ones that are known to participate in this event.
It has been seen that Olympics is the international level sports even that is accompanied by and watched by a record number of the audience that waits for this event for years…
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Download file to see previous pages It has been seen that the countries compete with each other in order to win the chance of hosting the Olympics and in this way as has been seen the countries or the cities who win the chance to host the Olympics are the ones who show off their potential to host the event as well as their true hospitality to the audience who attend the event. These are viewed by billions and this is the one that creates opportunities for the business entities. Thereby the products are the ones that reach billions of people in a matter of minutes and it has been linked with the higher sales within the time period of Olympics (Masteralexis 22).
In this case it has been seen that the main disadvantage that has been noticed that the products marketing during the Olympics are not long lived and they are not found to be too effective and thereby it can be said that the advertisements in the Olympics may gain a lot of votes but they are not found to be cost effective. ...
Technology can be the way by which the businesses can be run in a smooth manner. There are technologies that can be applied and used in various modes within the businesses as the supply chain management, logistics management which can be done with the help of the latest software that can keep track of the best available suppliers as well as the constant communiqu with these suppliers is made sure. Logistics and the supply chain management are the key parts of a business that can ensure success only if it is managed in a proper manner. In addition this, the technologies can be applied in marketing the products in a best possible manner (Shilbury 22).
Innovation is the one main fact that has been realized to be of utmost importance in the market and this is the principle that has been helping the businesses in attaining the greater number of sales and the sales volume in the local as well as the international market. Changes and the innovations can be helpful in defining newer strategies for the product manufacturing as well as the marketing. The pains that are being faced by the businesses being run without any changes is the discarding of the unpopular and stagnant products being produced. Innovations in the products can, initially prove to be costly, but in the long run, these are the innovations that can be providing the success that is needed by the business (Jana 2).
Olympics are an event in which nations are the ones that compete in a vigorous manner to get a place in the competition. Billions of people are the audience to this events and this is an audience which is reached by the business entities in order to market their product.

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