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Reflect upon your own coaching practise (coaching sessions you have delivered) and critically explore the range of models and techniques used. (3000 words) - Essay Example

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In basic terms, coaching is as a short-term person centred learning and teaching strategy that aims at intervening to facilitate setting and…
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Reflect upon your own coaching practise (coaching sessions you have delivered) and critically explore the range of models and techniques used. (3000 words)
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Extract of sample "Reflect upon your own coaching practise (coaching sessions you have delivered) and critically explore the range of models and techniques used. (3000 words)"

Download file to see previous pages The major type of coaching is educational coaching which offers an opportunity for learning as well as mentorship consequently improving academic or learning skills hence academic performance. Coaching is a one on one leaning mode that has been in existence for a long period but much focus has been put on this learning method especially in the recent past. This paper is a reflection of the importance of coaching, the different micro coaching models, and coaching strategies especially those I applied in my micro coaching sessions, and an analysis of why some worked perfectly while others proved to be problematic.
During my micro coaching sessions, I realized how I would enjoy some coaching techniques and strategies while others were a blunder and made me feel like quitting or terminating my sessions. Coaching takes different spans of time with micro coaching taking a short period but producing excellent results if done properly. During my micro coaching sessions, I realized strategies like the five whys’ strategy was so pressurizing while others like the Grow model proved supportive and pleasing. I will endeavour to analyse reasons why some were not accommodating and how one can improve to generate better results than I managed. The sessions also helped me realise the importance of the coach understanding the needs of the coachee, their behaviours and attitude to decide on the appropriate coaching strategy.
Before discussing the coaching techniques and strategies, it is important I first discuss why I found it important to engage in the micro coaching sessions. The major importance of enrolling in micro coaching was to get challenged which enabled me to focus and realize my potential. The coaching process amplified my desire to learn and i have surely improved on my review and learning skills. Coaching also helped me to improve my self-esteem since the coach motivated me to improve on my performance and when I saw an improvement in my results my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflect Upon Your Own Coaching Practise (coaching Sessions You Have Essay.
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