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Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds - Book Report/Review Example

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From the paper "Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds" it is clear that there have been legal laws imposed on McDonald’s like modification in the core value of the product by adding nutritional requirements for the betterment of the school and college going children. …
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Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds
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Extract of sample "Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds"

Download file to see previous pages McDonald’s maintains a diverse workforce by hiring executives and workers belonging to varied nations where 70 per cent of the workforce is women employees and over 25 million leaders are women or belong to the minority class (McDonald, 2013b). McDonald’s provides quality coaching, workshops and training facilities to enhance the technical and non-technical skills of the employees (McDonald, 2013e). The company is headquartered at Oak Brook, Illinois with its office branch located in Chicago Loop (McDonald, 2013c). The company has won several awards like the Most Innovative Food Company in the year 2011 by the Fast company, World’s Powerful Brand by Forbes and the Best Global Brands in the year 2012 by Interbrand (McDonald, 2013d). McDonald’s has maintained an external relationship with communities like National Urban League and Organization for Chinese Americans (McDonald, 2013f). Most of the McDonald restaurants offer fast food through the counter and drive-through services (McDonald, 2013a). These are also known as McExpress and McStop. Most of the McDonald restaurants are located in convenience stores and gas stations and are target mainly for travellers and passerby. The main aim of McDonald is to offer a wide range of high quality and nutritious fast food and superior quality service to individual and corporate clients (McDonald, 2013h). The marketing environment constitutes factors which influence the company in a direct and indirect way. The marketing environment can be divided into macro and microenvironment. The macro-environmental factor affects the company activities directly and the microenvironmental factor affects the company activities indirectly. Microenvironment factors and forces comprise suppliers, distributors, competitors etc. The macro environment comprises demographic, socio-cultural, economic, physical, economic, political and legal actors and forces. There are various tools for determining the micro and macro environmental analysis which include PESTEL (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) and Porter’s Five Forces Model. The PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces Model help in identification of external and internal threats. We will now analyze the various external threats faced by the fast food industry in the United Kingdom (UK). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds Book Report/Review - 1, n.d.)
Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds Book Report/Review - 1. Retrieved from
(Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds Book Report/Review - 1)
Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds Book Report/Review - 1.
“Impact of the Micro Environmental Factors on McDonalds Book Report/Review - 1”, n.d.
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