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Csr and mcdonalds - Essay Example

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In conclusion it must be noted that sound Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and employee retention strategies are vital in any business organizations. For some researchers and analysts it is a concept that invariably affects the organization's strategic environment including the external competitor environment and the internal employee relations…
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Csr and mcdonalds
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Extract of sample "Csr and mcdonalds"

Download file to see previous pages As a corollary of the above job enrichment and enlargement policies and programs were initiated with a view to encouraging and motivating the staff to accept new challenges. For instance employee welfare practices though were not many, could be seen to a certain extent in some of the surveyed restaurants. Absenteeism and labor turnover figures were low. In fact labor turnover figures were high only among crew members because most of them were college undergraduates doing a stint to cover up tuition fees. Most probably customer harassment could have contributed to the above average labor turnover figures among the crew members at McDonalds restaurants in Leicester in particular and elsewhere in general.
McDonald's pay is based on performance and the monetary incentives are intended to encourage employees to perform better in the jobs and employees might require non-monetary incentives too to remain their current jobs in the long run whilst reducing the degree of turnover. Thus the pay rates determination criteria at McDonald's are essentially determined by evaluation techniques of the HRM Department. For example employees at these restaurants were given a selected array of monetary and non-monetary incentives with the hope that the well trained and skilled employees would not leave their jobs at least in the short run. While HRM related aspects of the retention strategy was focused on employee welfare, there was much less focus on the long term organizational capability building measures to retain employees. The best example of this inadequacy can be found in the fact that the whole staff at McDonald's takes customer harassments for granted.
This research study has found a significant amount of positive correlation between McDonald's HRM strategy and productivity gains though the extent to which such gains can be attributed to HRM strategy isn't clear. In the first instance as suggested in the Literature Review, the theoretical perspectives on motivation and performance have taken a new turn with greater emphasis on Strategic HRM. Secondly cultural diversity of the workforce at McDonald's requires such SHRM practices to be aligned with international trends. Thus as borne out by the majority of responses to the questionnaire performance related pay at McDonald's would have a positive impact on employee motivation and the Company would try to maximize their incentives. However it has been identified as the most desirable policy to achieve organizational goals and survive in the long run. McDonald's success in Leicester could be attributed to well managed labor relations and good motivation policies in order to encourages greater participation of the employees in the decision making process of the company.
Next those four McDonalds restaurants in Leicester along with the other three have not displayed any noteworthy divergence from the theoretical and conceptual contingency framework of analysis applied here as illustrated in the McDonald's approach to CSR. For example all McDonald's restaurants place equal emphasis on animal welfare, education, environment, people, quality and safety and Ronald McDonald's House Charities (RMHC). The connected success factors - sustainable supply chain, nutrition and well being, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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