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Compare two separate popular weight loss plans - Research Paper Example

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Some of the most common weight-loss programs include Optifast, the Zone, the F-Factor diet, SlimFast, and the Fit or Fat weight-loss program. Different weight-loss programs have…
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Compare two separate popular weight loss plans
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SlimFast vs The Fit or Fat Weight-loss Program There are numerous weight-loss programs which are undertaken by people who want to lose weight. Some of the most common weight-loss programs include Optifast, the Zone, the F-Factor diet, SlimFast, and the Fit or Fat weight-loss program. Different weight-loss programs have different strengths and weaknesses. This paper draws a comparison between the SlimFast and the Fit or Fat weight-loss program by discussing their strengths and weaknesses.
SlimFast is one of the safest diets of reduced calories. The biggest advantage of the SlimFast weight loss program is that it is very inexpensive. The weakness of the SlimFast program is that it does not induce a long-term behavioral change in the individual. The SlimFast program only replaces a couple of meals and snacks by powered drink mixes and pre-packaged bars. Another weakness of the SlimFast weight-loss program is that the individual does not find the powdered drink mixes tasty enough to stick to for a long time, though it provides the individual with a good alternative to a milk shake in terms of reduced intake of fats and calories. A potential drawback of the SlimFast weight-loss program is that it does not provide the individual with any social support.
The Fit or Fat weight-loss program is very popular among people. Millions of copies of the series of eight books written by Covert Bailey have been sold since their publishing (Tate, 2008). The Fit or Fat weight-loss program encourages the individual to lose weight through increased exercise. The plus points of the Fit or Fat weight-loss program are that not only is it safe to undertake, but is also very inexpensive as it does not rely on special diets to cause a reduction of weight in the individual. The Fit or Fat weight-loss program resembles the SlimFast weight-loss program in that it offers no social support to the individual. People attempting to reduce the weight through the Fit or Fat weight-loss program are encouraged to undertake such exercises as weight lifting, aerobic exercises, and cross training. Their food is rich in vitamins and low in the sodium content and fat.
The Fit or Fat weight-loss program is better as compared to the SlimFast weight-loss program in that it relies on natural techniques to cause weight loss in the individual rather than prescribing them expensive diets. Exercise is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, which provides an individual with a whole range of benefits in addition to causing loss of weight. Such benefits include but are not limited to reduction of the risk of heart diseases, and enhanced metabolism. In addition to that, regular exercise increases the agility of the individual. While the SlimFast weight-loss program does not induce a long-lasting behavioral change in the individual, the Fit or Fat weight-loss program does in that exercise becomes a necessary part of the everyday life of the individual. Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the two programs, I would recommend the Fit or Fat weight-loss program to a friend or family member who wants to lose weight.
Tate, A. (2008, Mar. 22). Comparison of Popular Weight Loss Programs and Fad Diets.
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