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Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management - Essay Example

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I would be graduating with a business degree and with my majors as marketing and advertising. My career would be in marketing and along the lines of a Marketing Manager. I plan on starting off as Management…
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Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management"

Download file to see previous pages I am hopeful that the company I would be working with would also be willing to fund my MBA for me. Thus in these two fruit-ful years I will not just be taking home a fat income but would also have completed by MBA.
While pursuing my MBA , I would also be doing my cost savings. I am not keen on being head to mouth by the time I retire. I want to save up for investment later on in a business of mine. I will be saving 40 percent of my salary and it should be possible as I have no obligations at that moment. Thus at this rate in the next five years, I would have savings of above 2 Lakh dollars. I will invest this money in gold as the gold market is enjoying a huge boom these days and it is stipulated that the boom will continue for a while. By the time I graduate, I would expect my salary to have multiplied by atleast 2 folds. I would continue to keep a low-key lifestyle and would spend $60,000 per year only. The remaining amount will go in savings. I feel that all this compounded would give me more than 3 lakh dollars in the next two years. It is then when I will opt for an early retirement with the goal of getting into and starting my own business. By then I would have around 8 lakh dollars in savings, gold and and other things. With the capital that I would have saved, I will start my own venture of a computer franchise company. The income through this company will increase by 40% every year and I would become a millionaire in just two years with net value of above 3 million in five years after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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