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Organzational Development The Process of Leading Orginzational Change Case Study 3,4, & 5 - Essay Example

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This will ensure a harmonious environment for the school development. The views should be stated in a way that will distinguishes complains from the ideas that are…
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Organzational Development The Process of Leading Orginzational Change Case Study 3,4, & 5
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Extract of sample "Organzational Development The Process of Leading Orginzational Change Case Study 3,4, & 5"

Download file to see previous pages Although, they both give individual feelings and perceptions, the first data will take a lot of time because the ideas are not organized in a simpler manner. Not much difference can be noticed from the two data. While meeting Nancy we will majorly focus on the demand that are not being attended to and that need adjustment.
The purpose of individual assessment of the team was to mix each other a bit so as to enhance a good understanding of one another. During this assessment it would be possible to realize areas that should be improved and what deficiency is at the working place. In addition to this, it will also ensure that the workers are able to open up to each other. The interrelation will ease the team’s interaction which will enhance maximization of an individual’s output. The instrument that is used was purposely to ensure that the workers are aware of one another discrete working style. It is good to have knowledge of your working partners’ style so as to enhance a good working environment.
The instrument was introduced as a way of analyzing individual style of work. Lori describes it as way of letting the workers have a good understanding amongst them, and not to mean that was what they really are. Every member of the team needs to know what style he/she prefers when part of the team. The explanation was done well, although, an improvement on the description should have been enhanced. This is because some employees would make decision without clear understanding of what really describes them. An example is when Cindy objects the word controlling as it has been used to describe someone who seeks attention and lead the rest. She finds the term so negative. Actually controlling does not fully describe someone who follows teams’ decisions.
The idea of separating the workers according to the style that they think of themselves was a good idea. They are divided to help us identify what one thinks is the best style to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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