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The Educational Choice: Single-sex Schools - Term Paper Example

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The author states that girls in single-sex educational settings thrive. There are advantages in the areas of mathematics and science, which is a plus in educational forum. Teaching styles are better able to match the students in an all-girl facility due to the lack of hindrance by male students. …
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The Educational Choice: Single-sex Schools
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Extract of sample "The Educational Choice: Single-sex Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Curriculum, instruction, best-teaching practices and environment all debated topics that turn the tide of education with each new administration and set of policies. The sixties were the time when a shift towards coeds occurred. It was the time when feminism and other forces compelled many all-girl establishments to close or merge with boys-only schools. The educational system in the United States seemed intent on "homogenizing education" (Ravitch 1996). Girls-only schools were all but eliminated, baring a few exceptions. Coeds were perceived to be the progressive and informed choice. Currently, standards-based reform rules the educational field. Equality and better education for all is the new push. American Society is seeing alternatives to the traditional public school system and are bombarded by studies that show alternative environments are the key to reform. Recent trends show that the chapter on the preferred educational environment is not closed, coed public schools are now the fall back instead of the norm. In this search for better schools, the debate for single-sex schools re-emerges. Are single-sex schools truly more beneficial to students in the areas of academics, social development, and psychological development Undecidedly, girls flourish socially and psychologically in an all-girls setting. Academically speaking the jury is still out. Education is a comprehensive curriculum of academics, personal and social development in which the three work comprehensively together. For girls, the answer is clear; homogenous environments have the greater benefits. That is for the girls that are able to attend these schools, because they do not operate with an open door policy.
Education is high on the Bush administration's list of priorities. American schools, which once dominated the international educational arena are now falling farther and farther behind. It is no surprise that the areas of mathematics and science, the areas in which the United States scored poorly, is now the focus of policymakers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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