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This essay, Do Children Learn Better in Boys-only and Girls-only School?, presents single-sex education that is commonly considered by many as teaching girls and boys in a separate school or classroom is a historical approach to teaching that is slowly gaining grounds in contemporary societies.  …
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Do Children Learn Better in Boys-only and Girls-only School
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Download file to see previous pages According to the essay findings various arguments have been leveled for and against the reasons for separating boys and girls from learning together and the basis for the arguments are based on opinions rather than facts. It is important to give the opinions for those who reason for separating boys and girls in different learning environments.  One reason, for encouraging separation of the girls and boys during the learning process, is based on the argument of negative morality. Advocates of this thought argue that through separation we are able to bring up a generation of upright and moral individuals.  It is debated that most of the societal evils like fornication begins at very early stage of growth.  By separating boys from girls by taking them to different schools, may to a greater extend lower the cases and encourage a morally upright society.As the discussion highlights the advocates for the separation of boys and girls claim that at school environment the students are mostly alone, and these situations provide an opportunity for developing morals particularly when boys are mixed with girls. Education should introduce students to different cultures and thought processes that they could not be exposed to otherwise. Achieving the goals of education according to the advocates is actively to develop structures that individually assist the students of various genders but avoid mixing the students during the learning process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do Children Learn Better in Boys-Only and Girls-Only School Research Paper.
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