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Differences between Pupils from Mixed and Single-Sex Schools in their Enjoyment - Term Paper Example

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The paper 'Differences Between Pupils from Mixed and Single-Sex Schools in their Enjoyment' presents learning which can be influenced by various factors such as physical, social, intellectual or emotional. Hence while analyzing the effects of any given type of educational setting…
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Differences between Pupils from Mixed and Single-Sex Schools in their Enjoyment
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Extract of sample "Differences between Pupils from Mixed and Single-Sex Schools in their Enjoyment"

Download file to see previous pages Today there has been a renewed interest in assessing the type of educational environment for students – i.e. single-gender or coeducational setting and its likely influences positive or otherwise, on the learning abilities of the students enrolled therein. Various claims have been made by supporters and critics alike, regarding the likely impact of the educational environment or type of schooling on fostering the leadership skills, risks associated with sexual harassment, availability of better opportunities as well as eliminating or fuelling gender stereotypes.
While some researchers have stressed the advantages and significance of single-sex education as the single most tool of enhancing the educational experience of the students and securing their long term prospects, yet others have vehemently opposed the same, categorizing such a system as essentially reintroducing gender barriers and providing differing treatment to students on the basis of their gender. Although, with respect to any given educational setting, learning outcomes are a consequence of an interplay of various factors – such as, social, emotional, psychological, physical and intellectual and can hardly be construed as resulting from a single variable. The educational policy of the schools, the composition of subjects taught, family background of the students, etc work collaboratively towards enhancing the student’s overall performance.
The change in socio-cultural environments has brought about significant transformations with regard to the opportunities available for both males as well as female students and hence played a major role in revolutionizing their educational experiences (Bracey, 2007). During the early 20th century, the country witnessed a shift from the highly conventional educational framework – that of single-sex education to a new model of education – i.e. co-educational setting, which was not only palpable but also inevitable, given the large scale socio-cultural transformations in the American society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Differences Between Pupils from Mixed and Single-Sex Schools in Their Term Paper.
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