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The Impact of On-line Learning And Its Potential to Improve Standards In Secondary Education - Essay Example

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The proposed research is a small but focused step towards finding answers to questions related to the issue of large groups, development and expansion of class experience, identification and development of new forms designed to move away from mass-production teaching…
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The Impact of On-line Learning And Its Potential to Improve Standards In Secondary Education
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Extract of sample "The Impact of On-line Learning And Its Potential to Improve Standards In Secondary Education"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that online learning does not provide the spontaneous situations for learning through peer interaction. Traditional interaction between students, between teacher and student, between student and other employees like the librarian or bus driver will enter a new dynamic or become passé. Anecdotally, school yard tyrants won’t be able to teach the harsh realities of the outside society. How does is peer social interaction affected? Will there be any impact on social and emotional development, and the acquisition of the stereotypical sex roles.
The proposed research project is likely to face difficulties regarding detailed feedback on assignments; telephonic contact with the university whereby students can engage with tutors and administrative staff in order to solve academic or other difficulties, and assistance in the formation of study groups. Other factors that may make the study difficult include Geographical isolation or lack of a study partner, family problems, noisy neighbours and a lack of understanding of assignment questions. The technological aspect may also pose problems like difficulties with navigation and with the ease of doing some of the interactive exercises. One of the major hurdles is in the form of the lack of opportunity to plan experimental work with single variables and controls. Moral considerations prevent the notion of providing one kind of service to one cohort of students, and another, perhaps less expensive, service to another group for the purpose of research - and yet this is done in the medical profession. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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