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Professional Development about Constructivist Learning Environments - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the best methods of self-regulated learning. It is to allow students to help them understanding and finding it interesting about their chosen field of study. Website and software would help encourage students to understand the technology in television quicker and easier…
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Professional Development about Constructivist Learning Environments
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Extract of sample "Professional Development about Constructivist Learning Environments"

Download file to see previous pages Self-regulated Learning with technology accounts for much of the present thinking about the utilization of technology as a supporting tool for learning. As a tool, the internet can be a means of finding and processing information, and to reflect on one’s understandings, beliefs, and thinking processes. Utilized in such a manner, internet technology provides learner to collect information and explore new content knowledge on his own and without the assistance of teachers and parents. Ordinary application software such as word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, presentation, and database software, problem-solving software, simulations, electronic mail, and the Internet are technological tools that help an individual in his quest of learning. Self-regulated learning with the help of online course animations, hypertext, or clickable diagrams and video clips helped concepts that a static textbook image simply cannot. Video clips showing how to mount a camera on a tripod can help explain concepts much more easily through visuals that are not easily explained by a lecturer or a book's textual description. The risks in Self-regulated learning involves learner’s dilemma to gather the right knowledge from the flood of information available and incoherency of some of the documents provided. Many changes, which the learners might get, distracted from their learning objectives and without the proper guidance of teachers and classroom instructions. Self- regulated learner will be consuming his valuable time searching for irrelevant information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Professional Development about Constructivist Learning Environments Research Paper.
“Professional Development about Constructivist Learning Environments Research Paper”, n.d.
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