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Logistics---answer the 6 questions within similar words count - Essay Example

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Total quality management is a system that ensures effective incorporation of quality development, excellence maintenance and vital improvements capability of the diverse groups in the organization so that production and service can be enhanced in an economical level, which…
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Logistics---answer the 6 questions within similar words count
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Extract of sample "Logistics---answer the 6 questions within similar words count"

Download file to see previous pages The services of supply chain and logistic ensure customer’s expectations fulfilled. Total quality management; therefore, ensures that supply chain and logistic supply quality products and services to the final consumers. Through total quality management, services of supply chain and logistics are of high quality. In addition, the employees of an organization are able to cooperate with the supply chain and logistic organization through the total quality management.
Total quality management improves the quality of products. This is because through total quality management defects reduced, employees become ware of their functions in an organization and they work towards achieving organizational goals of maintaining high quality. Problem solving also become easier because employees work together towards achieving organizational goals, through total quality management techniques, customers get satisfaction from the products produced. Production costs also reduced because employees avoid defects and waste; therefore, there is no room for mistakes during production.
Quality circles are organizational groups of employees and supervisors who gather to recognize, assess and find solutions to process and quality problems. Quality circles have the advantage of promoting teamwork in an organization. The idea of team spirit enhanced, and organizational conflicts eliminated. Quality circles employee also work with a positive attitude; therefore, improving the quality. In addition, personality advancement also enhanced. This is because though the circle employees get to learn new skills and the hidden abilities of employees revealed. The working environment also enhanced; employees included in the decision making of the organization in all stages. Productivity enhanced; quality products produced, as a result in addition costs also reduced. In a company such as Kentucky Fried ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Logistics---Answer the 6 Questions Within Similar Words Count Essay.
“Logistics---Answer the 6 Questions Within Similar Words Count Essay”, n.d.
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