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Our minds have somehow been trained to view these undocumented workers as the bad guys who take jobs away from legal Americans. But a closer scrutiny of the…
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The immigration debate
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The Immigration Debate When we think of illegal immigrants, the first thing that enters our mind is underground competition in the workforce. Our minds have somehow been trained to view these undocumented workers as the bad guys who take jobs away from legal Americans. But a closer scrutiny of the situation proves that this fear is not based on any logical explanation. That is because the salary that undocumented workers receive, although lower by about 20 cents per hour, is paid out to people who are willing to be paid to do jobs that regular American high school drop outs are not willing to do. In other words, the undocumented workers may take jobs away from Americans, but these are jobs Americans did not want in the first place. Rather, the illegal immigrants are doing us a favor by accomplishing the tasks that Americans find to menial for their tastes.
In the overall scheme of things, illegal immigrants actually provide a larger benefit to the American economic system by adding at least $10 billion a year to our GDP. A small contribution to an overall GDP of a $10 trillion economy but an increase none the less and in our current national economic state, every little bit helps to ease the burden of inflation on the public. By boosting our GDP, these workers have actually proven that a larger workforce, regardless of employment status, will actually make a difference when it comes to worker output and/or consumer spending ( Said, Carolyn “The Immigration Debate”).
Instead, the illegal immigrants who are working for us should be considered unsung heroes who actually contribute to the system. the Social Security system to be precise . The only problem is that since this batch of employees do not use valid SS numbers, their contributions remain floating within our system. So rather than debating the effects of illegal immigration on the workforce or economy, what we should really be looking at is a way to help make the contribution of these workers a part of the economic system of the country since those contributions are currently located in an economic limbo where it remains useless to everyone concerned.
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Said, Carolyn. “The Great Immigration Debate”. News. San Francisco Chronicles. 21 May 2006. Web. 17 Apr. 2012. Read More
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The Immigration Debate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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