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O’Malley is the central speaker at the planned 26th September Fundraising dinner for the Democratic Party to be held in New Hampshire-the state that hosts the first primary of the nation. He is also planning a trip to California. Additionally, he has also shown good will to…
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Quiz 1
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Question one O’Malley is the central speaker at the planned 26th September Fundraising dinner for the Democratic Party to be held in New Hampshire-the state that hosts the first primary of the nation. He is also planning a trip to California. Additionally, he has also shown good will to the party together with building up a set of IOUs.
Question two
President Obama is delaying the executive action because he believes the immigration debate was influenced by concerns over the large number of Latin America children who were alone and who have flocked the American border. Secondly, he is intending to shield those who intend to use the issue in vote luring. He is also looking ahead and is avoiding the unwanted incase the Democrats retain control of the senate in November and the Republicans decide to compromise immigration.
Question three
The foreign policy problems have caused atrophy in the foreign policy. This has affected the approval rating of Mr. Obama; this has been a concern for most of the Democrats in the final season of the campaign. The policies have made the president be perceived weak an issue likely to hurt his party’s electoral chances.(Hook, and Nelson, 2014)

Question four
The senate has prepared a 100 day agenda plan should they take the senate; they are very likely to win. The key agenda is to authorize the long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline so as to boost the energy production. Other agendas are: approving fast track trade authority, repealing Obamacare’s unpopular tax on medical devices and effecting back new Environmental protection Agency regulations. There is a rift amongst Republicans; there are those thinking the GOP can rely on Obama’s lack of popularity in winning the senate and those thinking that the party would do better to push the positive agenda. (Riley, 2014)
Question five
The republicans are intending to attract women voters at all cost. Rep. Cory Gardner announced his support for the over-the-counter women’s oral contraceptives. The policy is one of the party’s attempts to draw more female voters contrary to the past. The party was also the leading oppose of the Obamacare, something that a large number of women opposed, this gives them the support from the females.
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