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The film describes the American culture in relation to immigration issues. In the movie, many people move from their homes in Central and South America to United the US to search for better living opportunities.
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Out group culture experience
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The Out Group Culture Experience The Out Group Culture Experience This work is a review of the movie, Who Is Dayani Cristal. The film describes the American culture in relation to immigration issues. In the movie, many people move from their homes in Central and South America to United the US to search for better living opportunities.
The immigrants meet with various challenges on their way to ‘new homes’ ranging from torture, discriminations, and deaths. Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal reveal a dead body found in the Arizona Desert (Solano 2013). They embed themselves among migrant travelers on their mission to cross the border, providing rare insight into the human stories often ignored in the immigration debate. I am a Chinese national and would very often compare my socio-cultural with what happens in United States of America.
Every year from the movie, many people hope to land in the USA from Southern as well as Central America to evade poverty implications in their countries. They experience a jungle of a nightmare while traveling along a stretch of the desert of ‘death corridor’. Many migrants have perished at this place. The in-group culture identity would range from religion (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism), arts (Kung Fu, traditional dance, acrobatic,) and immigration policies. The Chinese government regulates the issue of immigration; favoring skilled labor to unskilled labor (Diestro-Dopido 2014). The unique hukou system of China distinguishes Chinese internal migration from migration in other developing countries; China founded the global hukou system, which restricted the mobility of the people. It aims to tie farmers to land, secure agricultural supply.The in-group experience is more pleasing and reliable. The cultural activities in China enhance peace and harmony in the society because people meet very often to participate. There are many advantages of in-group because of a common language- a contributor to unity (Pedzich 2015).
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Out Group Culture Experience Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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