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The author of the essay "Experiences with People of Other Cultures" aims to share his stories and experiences during his meetings with people from other cultures. The author claims that learning about someone else’s culture not only develops his understanding for their culture, but it also helps to develop his own. …
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Write a reflection paper about your experiences with people of other cultures (friends, school experiences, travel). How will your experiences impactyour philosophy on teaching a diverse student population? What can you do to address cultural diversity in your classroom?
I was brought up to respect people of other cultures ever since I was a young child, so I personally have no problem with diversity. I have traveled to different parts of the globe because I want to experience as many cultures as I possibly can. I believe that we can all learn from other cultures because everyone has different values and beliefs. Learning about someone else’s culture not only develops my understanding for their culture, but it also helps to develop my own. This is because I can use another culture and compare it to my own, thus critically examining all the strengths and weaknesses of it.
My experiences with other cultures will help me to work with a diverse student population because I already feel comfortable working with students from different cultural backgrounds. I believe that every student should be treated fairly and not discriminated against because of their culture or race, which is something that they have no control over whatsoever. Promoting equality among students also helps to improve the overall learning environment in the classroom because it gives students of minority ethnic groups the chance to thrive.
I understand that some people feel uncomfortable learning alongside students of other cultures, but it will be my responsibility to promote fairness and understanding among all students. This way, they will learn to respect each other no matter where they come from. One useful idea is to allow one student of each culture in the class to have a turn each week standing in front of the class and teaching the rest of the students about their own culture. This will break down cultural barriers and foster good friendships among students of every culture. Read More
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Experiences With People of Other Cultures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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