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Campus friends report - Essay Example

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She was brought up and educated in Washington DC and enjoyed a close relationship with her family. She has enrolled in a public relations degree program in a communication college. She narrated to…
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Campus friends report
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Download file to see previous pages he also discovered her good mastery of the English language in elementary school and high school that influenced her to take a major in public relations.
My campus friend settled on public relations after weighing many other courses that deal with effective communication. She had at some point opted for journalism but did not like the idea of appearing on the television screen every day. She is always shy and felt that she would have difficulties interacting with her television audience. The other reason that made her not to major in journalism is that she did not want to be feared in the social environment as a celebrity. She prefers leading a simple life with little recognition. As I have come to learn her, she likes helping others even when there is no guarantee of other people helping her back. This justified to me her claim that she never wants to be publicly recognized for things she has done.
One of the career goals for my campus friend is working in a reputable organization that recognizes and respects social and cultural diversity. She hopes that the major qualifies her to serve as a public relations manager and ascend to the senior managerial position. At the same time, she claims to have a passion for being a Chief Executive Officer for a popular organization. She does not like being employed but prefers to use employment as an avenue to rise to self-employment.
Another career goal that my campus friend reported having is establishing her own company in the future and being her own boss. She believed that a public relation major was important to enable her deal with her employees efficiently and incorporate cultural diversity in the organization. She narrated to me how globalization has turned the world into a small village where everyone needs to learn to cope with people of different ideological and cultural backgrounds.
For the duration that I stayed with her, the major interest that she demonstrated is socialization and sharing stories about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Campus Friends Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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