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Most of the universities in world maintain zero tolerance policy for the use of drugs on campuses, and it is strictly prohibited on campuses. The use of drugs by students can lead to warnings, rusticate…
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Drugs on University Campus
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Drugs on Campus [Supervisor’s Drugs on Campus line]- The use of consuming drugs by students is very serious problem. Most of the universities in world maintain zero tolerance policy for the use of drugs on campuses, and it is strictly prohibited on campuses. The use of drugs by students can lead to warnings, rusticate or even arrest. It is considered to be criminal offense in most of the world.
According to studies conducted on students, they are getting addicted to drugs more likely than general public. Friends pressure, freedom, living away from home these are all factors that put in to make options that students compose. The students are involved in consuming drugs and alcohol usually is more likely to get C grade GPAs. It is a major factor of dropping out of students. One third of young people who died in accidents are drunk.
Approximately half of the young people from age 16 to 24 tried drugs at least one time. Use of alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis is drastically increasing on campuses and it can lead to morally corrupt society, it started when students see their friends taking drugs and they want to try it too and they get addicted. But the ratio of students who are taking drugs is low as it may be thought the ratio is higher, According to study of Drug culture on UK Campuses 45% of students not at all make an effort to take any form of illegal drugs, nevertheless 90% of students believed that their friends involved in consuming drugs (Friedberg, 2012).
According to the survey report 77% students take cannabis, 39% ecstasy and 24% cocaine on campuses. Students are cautious while taking LSD as 61% of students never tried this. One research conducted online and questioned 1401 students, just 3% of the students said they never want to tried cannabis, now you can assume how radically use of this type of drugs increasing. (Friedberg, 2012)
Drugs are illegal and by consuming it students get a risk of affecting their mental and physical health, these drugs make young people lead to unprotected sex and it cause STDs and unplanned pregnancy. The legal penalties are severe as if found guilty, possession of A class drugs can lead to 7 years of prison and if found guilty. As a result, then students waste their years to attend school.
Most of the students nearly more than half percent of students when arrived at university they already have know how of drugs and they had to used them regularly before arriving at university. A very big numbers of students tried drugs by the age of 16. Many of the students smoke cigarettes and some of them tried legal drugs such as nitrous oxide or laughing gas for ecstatic needs.
Students who are using drugs occasionally spent less than 100. Students who seek for advice hesitating talk to their parents or doctors; they usually get advice from internet. The best way to lessen the jeopardy of addiction of drugs is to get rid from them, have firm faith upon him. (Anon., 2012)
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Drugs on University Campus Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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