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Study drugs are the prescription drugs in which students find solace while studying for the purposes of increasing their cramming abilities as well as own concentration span. The paper "Issues Of Abusing Study Drugs" discusses the side effects of the study drugs…
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Issues Of Abusing Study Drugs
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Issues Of Abusing Study Drugs
Study drugs are the prescription drugs in which students find solace while studying for the purposes of increasing their cramming abilities as well as own concentration span. The students abusing these drugs may be having the prescriptions but using the drugs improperly or worse still, used illegally without any prescription, which is more often. The police departments take it very seriously as the buying and usage of these drugs without prescriptions and for those who have prescriptions, selling their prescriptions is illegal. Students misusing these drugs meant to treat ADD and ADHD are a growing problem especially in campus. This is mostly out of peer pressure as students feel like everyone is doing it (“The University of Texas”). Any student abusing these study drugs respective authorities ought to arrest him or her because these drugs end up doing more harm than good in the end.
These study drugs have very many side effects. They include increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeats and changes in sex drive or impotence, in the long term. In the short term, the drugs may cause restlessness, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, mouth dryness, paranoia, suppressed appetite, diarrhea or constipation (“The University of Texas”). In addition to these drugs having mild to severe side effects, the drugs have a potential overreliance (“The University of Texas”). These study drugs should be banned and every student abusing them to be arrested since they have many side effects that could have long lasting effects on the user in addition to causing dependence.
The fact that study drugs are abused more than marijuana and are easier to get is a worrying fact. Research shows that over 30 percent of students in university have illegally taken the drugs, with the number being more for the upperclassmen. This is quite worrying since the federal government lists the Adderall as a schedule II drug. The schedule II drugs have the highest potential for abuse and a dependence profile (Cooper). Moreover, according to Dr. Kotwicki, these drug produce euphoria, they may temporarily work but in the end cause problems with functionality.
Students abuse drugs such as Ritalin to enhance their alertness and attention leading to better performance. However, according to CBC news, evidence suggests that the drugs do not increase cognition (“CBC news”). It is so sad that students abuse these drugs thinking that it helps them but they end up harming them. Moreover, since these drugs result in addiction, which may require large doses of drugs to have the same effects and withdrawal may lead to depression (“The University of Texas”).
Some students argue and feel like these study drugs are the only way they can succeed in school (“The University of Texas”). Additionally, some students fail to perceive abusing study drug is a problem. According to them, Adderall, a study drug, is slightly dangerous than “Mountain Dew”, a soft drink, and not nearly as dangerous as smoking or drinking beer (Cooper).
Study drugs are not the only way in which students can succeed in school. If a student has a problem with concentration, he or she can visit UHS or CMHC to seek help from healthcare providers who can advice on the steps to be undertaken (“The University of Texas”). In addition, Adderall is unsafe as it may lead to mental disorders, such as psychosis, which may make the student lose touch with reality (Cooper).
Any student abusing these study drugs should be arrested since these drugs end up doing more harm than good in the end. The study drugs have very many side effects and they produce euphoria, feeling good for a short while but having harmful effects. Evidence shows that these drugs do not increase cognition. Students should be educated on the harmful effects of these drugs and those found selling their prescriptions or using without prescription should be prosecuted.
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