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Emigration in USA - Essay Example

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Even though the US population is deemed to increase at a very high rate in the next 40 years due to the immigration, the country GDP will…
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Emigration in USA
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Extract of sample "Emigration in USA"

17th November Immigration in USA As a result of remarkable economic growth, USA has attracted large number of immigrants from developing and developed countries. Even though the US population is deemed to increase at a very high rate in the next 40 years due to the immigration, the country GDP will significantly increase thus improving the life of all residents and immigrants. However, despite the positive implication in the economy, US residents are in favor of more restrictive measures to curb immigration especially after the 9/11 incidents. This paper analyzes the implications of immigration at the individual, group and nation levels.
Individual immigrants will win in the sense that after being employed in the formal or informal sectors their disposable income will increase. Additionally, individual immigrants will be covered by the government in terms of provision of health care as well as security. Based on their skills and experience, immigrants will acquire well paying jobs as well as political positions. One of the notable implications of the immigration is that it will create stiff competition between domestic workers and immigrant workers thus making the domestic workers to be losers.
A major result of the immigration is that racism is likely to emerge between various groups. For instance, there have been cases of social conflicts between Korean immigrants and the black. This occurred during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. Similarly, non-white Latino and African American group have been involved in conflicts that not only affect their economic productivity but also their social life. As a nation, US will benefit in various ways for example economic growth, technology advancement and adequate market for goods among others. According to Smith and Barry 26, immigrants significantly contribute to the US economy. For example, each year $10 billion is contributed to the US economy by immigrants. Based on the fact that US heavily rely on its own resources, immigrants act as a major source of labor as well as market for locally produced goods.
To address the issue of racism and social conflicts that affect various groups, it is imperative to create forums that will entail interaction of various groups with an aim of preaching peace. Additionally, it is fundamental for government to streamline employment policies that will enable equal employment opportunities for domestic workers as well as immigrants. It is necessary to reduce the number of losers and increase the number of winners for example by providing equal economic opportunities for all groups and individuals. Taking into consideration the increased US population due to immigrants, it is essential for the government to allocate more resources and encourage domestic spending thus expanding investments. In this way, more people will get jobs thus reducing the level of competition between domestic workers and immigrants. This will lead to creation of more winners at the individual, group and national levels. For US to sustain its economic growth, it is imperative to ensure peaceful co-existence of its residents. Government role especially in streamlining immigration process and regulation will result to more immigrants to the US in future.
Economic sustainability, employment, competition for the available jobs are major implication that individual, groups and nation as a whole will experience as a result of the immigrants in US. This implies that despite US residents favoring immigration restriction, it is important for the government to maintain uniform policy that ensures equal treatment of all immigrants without overlooking the nation security.
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Smith, James and Barry Edmonston. The Immigration Debate: Studies on the Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Effects of Immigration, 1998. Print. Read More
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Emigration in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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