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Question about western world - Essay Example

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The United States and Canada regrouped immigration patterns into eras with settlers of the new world representing the first era…
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Question about western world
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Extract of sample "Question about western world"

Questions about Western World What are the distinctive eras of immigration in U.S. history, and how do they compare with those of Canada?
The United states just like Canada owe their economic development to the immigrations that took place around the 17th century up to the 20th century. The United States and Canada regrouped immigration patterns into eras with settlers of the new world representing the first era (Diner 2). The British, French, Germans, Swiss settlers’ represent the first group of settlers to explore Canada and the United states. Settlers had capital and land, but lacked labour to implement their farming plans. The mass migration in the United States corresponded with the loyalist migration in Canada. The similarity between these immigrations was the large-scale arrival of Irish catholic immigrants in Canada and United States, which were protestant domains. The Irish immigrants provided the labour force needed in America and Canadian agricultural lands. It is evident that the United States adapted restrictive policies such as the Chinese exclusion act to prevent immigrants from getting into the United States (Diner 3).
In Canada, immigrants were grouped in a descending manner with Italians, Irish, Jews, blacks and Chinese immigrants occupying the lower part of the series (, “Immigration). The great western migration era in Canada corresponded to the flood migrations era in the United States. The immigrants in these eras were largely non-English speaking immigrants, and they were non-Protestants. The immigrants of these eras were pivotal in the industrial labour pool. The legislating immigration was adapted to control immigration into the United States. Canada also came up with medical provisions that restricted immigration into Canada. Such restrictions determine the number of immigrants who enter Canada and the United States.
What advantages might Caribbean free trade zones retain over their competitors in Southeast and East Asia? What disadvantages might they face?
Free trade zones are determined geographically. Latin America and Caribbean account for 48% of worldwide Free Trade zones whereas Asia account for 42%. The Caribbean free trade zone employs 1.2 million workforces while the Asia free trade zone employs 3 million employees. The free trade zone promotes regionalism among the Caribbean countries. Williams observes that, without regionalism, the economic performance of the Caribbean countries is poor. Regionalism in the Caribbean will ensure free conversion of currencies to ease trade negotiations, free trade zones allow the free movement of individuals within the region this allows access to work. The free trade zone ensures the removal of implicit and explicit anti-export biases. The Caribbean countries also enjoy free access to European and United States markets. The disadvantage faced by Caribbean companies that depend of free trade zones is that technological transfers, and backward linkages are limited to regions where the zone is located. Globalisation and regionalisation have shifted production to developing countries, and this requires countries to re-examine their monetary and fiscal policies to accommodate this change such changes can affect the economy of a country negatively. (Williams 10).
Investigate the implications of sea level rise from global warming for different parts of Europe, including the Dutch coastline. How might this influence the EUs policy on control of atmospheric emissions?
Global rise in temperatures is responsible for the rise in sea level. The physical impacts of a rise in sea level include loss of land resulting from displacement of wetlands and lowlands, an increase in cases of storm flooding, coastal erosion and salinisation (Nicholls and Mimura 5). In Europe, a large population as well as economic centres are concentrated in the coastal zone. The population and businesses found in the European coast generate over 30% of the unions GDP. The sea level rise disrupts the ecosystem, wildlife living in the coast as well as people and businesses in these regions. For example, in the Baltic Sea the rise in seal level has affected the ecosystem this is evident from the migratory of marine species. In the North Sea, a rise in sea level has resulted in a high risk of flooding in the low-lying areas such as Netherlands. Countries bordering Atlantic Ocean experience flooding, due to changes in direction and power of waves. European countries along Mediterranean Sea experience freshwater shortage; erosion and the black sea coastline report cases of erosion and a change in the ecosystem and habitats.
Efforts to fix rigid defences to prevent flooding have resulted in the decline in intertidal, coastal habitats. The Europeans union Climate improvement policy requires countries in the EU to introduce appropriate coastal planning, adaptation and reduce emissions. Climate mitigation policy is a strategy that aims at controlling the long-term risen sea level to a manageable level. The mitigation strategy aims at deceleration the global mean sea-level rise by implementing action that curb green house gas emissions, consuming of less polluting energy in an efficient way creation of cleaner and balanced transport options, encouraging companies to be environmentally friendly (Nicholls and Mimura 15).
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Policy Implications.” Climate Research 11(1998): 5-18. Print.
Williams, Marion. Globalisation: “Some Challenges for the Caribbean in the First Decade of the
21st Century.” 2000 21 November 2012 Read More
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Question about Western World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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