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Western Europe in South-West India - Essay Example

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This paper "Western Europe in South-West India" focuses on the issue of influencing one part of the world through learning and diffusing practices learnt, acquired, and transferred from one section of the world to the other section remains controversial to date. …
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Western Europe in South-West India
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Extract of sample "Western Europe in South-West India"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, a different set of authors might provide a positive viewpoint of the same part of the world provided by the first set of authors. Nonetheless, the differences in the differing viewpoints are a result of the different undertakings that these authors carried out in order to build their opinions and justifications for their viewpoints.
In their separate articles, Richard Grove and James D. Tracy provide two different viewpoints of Europe’s involvement in South East Asia during the Renaissance period. In this case, the two authors use different sources to provide evidence about two different sets of societies in South East Asia that Europeans interacted with during this period. On one hand, Grove presents a dark side of the region during the time the Dutch East India Company carried out its operations. In this regard, Grove’s article depicts a region whose leaders represented an illustration of ways not to govern territories since the authors used sources that identified the leadership of the Asian region as despotic. In effect, Grove does not identify any influential role that the region played in Europe. On the other hand, James D. Tracys article identifies the region as influential in developing medicine and botany in Europe. In this case, Tracy’s sources outline the influential role of the South East Asia society in developing classification systems and defining contemporary medicine and botany. Hence, this expose is an analysis of these differing viewpoints and identifies the authors' disagreement due to the various sources used in developing the two disagreeing articles.
In a synopsis, Grove’s article is a description of what the Portuguese and Dutch learnt from their interaction with the indigenous communities in South-West India. The author indicates the simulation of an awareness of the wider world in Western Europe. In addition, the author indicates that the voyages and the explorations enabled the development of natural history and the status of government.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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