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Management Table of Contents Management 1 Table of Contents 1 2.1 Introduction 3 2.2 Basis of the Research 3 2.3 Recent Developments 3 2.4 Issue to be solved 4 2.5 Methodology 5 2.6 Relevant Sources 6 2.7 Necessary Models 7 2.8 Gantt Chart/ Timeline 7 2.9 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 10 2.1 Introduction An appropriate topic including economic as well as management theories has been proposed as follows – ‘An examination of the factors necessary to successfully venture J T Inglis & Sons Ltd in the emerging market of India.’ This topic could be regarded as included both under the domains of management and economics…
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Modify the last one
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Download file to see previous pages 2.2 Basis of the Research The present research will be focused on an individual company ( J T Inglis & Sons) although it is necessary to make an industry analysis prior to arriving at any conclusion. The analysis will be that for the garments industry which has a widespread presence in almost every nation around the world. It will be that in context of the Indian market although the market in other Asian transition economies, characterized by similar traits will be assessed as well. The idea will be to examine the extent to which the garments industry in India is open for Western entrants. After an assessment of the behavioral nature of the garments industry in India, the next step will be to evaluate the possibilities of J T Inglis & Sons successfully launching its stores in the country. 2.3 Recent Developments The present case will be that in the context of Indian garments industry and the peer industry in other transition economies of Asia such as China, Taiwan, etc., where J T Inglis & Sons has found a robust spot. ...
is also evident from the fact that it contributes almost 14% to the aggregate industrial production yielded by the country apart from the fact that it accounts for 30% of total exports of the economy. The export statistic of the economy is found to be growing quite highly as is prominent from the fact that it increased annually by almost 22% between 2004-05 and 2005-06. In the global context, textile exports from India out of aggregate exports in the segment are found to be lying between 3% and 4% according to 2005-06 statistics. Of all foreign markets which highly demand Indian textile garments are Europe and USA where Indian apparel accounts for respectively 43% and 33% of the total apparels being sold. In addition, a large part of South East Asia also accounts for huge export demand for Indian apparels (India Exports and Business Trade Zone, n.d.). Thus, there is high demand for Indian garments and apparels all across the world. But most of these apparels are highly oriental in fashion and the high demand accounts mainly for the huge Indian population which resides in these regions, although this might not be considered the case for men’s wear. Women’s wears being exported are in line with Indian trends which are mostly what the nation produces. On the other hand, the nation poses high demand for Western wear as well, in an era of increased globalization where the young generation is highly influenced by the trends prevailing in the West. These trends might not be possible for the indigenous manufacturers to master, which is exactly what creates the room for the entry of Western textile houses. 2.4 Issue to be solved In order to figure out the issues and problems to be addressed in this paper in line with the aforementioned topic, the following points could be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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