Whether Hitler's View Would Be on Western Expansion - Assignment Example

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The author examines Hitler’s view on Western Expansion that was territorial expansion needed to occur for the German race, which he deemed ‘superior’ when compared to other surrounding nations. Hitler’s moves towards territorial expansion were; invading Poland, and annexing Austria.  …
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Whether Hitlers View Would Be on Western Expansion
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Extract of sample "Whether Hitler's View Would Be on Western Expansion"

To Hitler, the nations were populated by ‘Sub-humans’, hence, their territories needed to be taken away. Germany was rising in terms of power, and led by Hitler, they believed that whatever suited them needed to be taken by them. Hitler first went to German-speaking regions that had initially been taken away from German by the Versailles Treaty. German first took the Saar Basin and later attacked the Rhineland. After taking Austria, they moved up to the Southern region of Czechoslovakia which was called Sudentenland. Hitler’s view was that there were many German nationals in these regions. Hitler then went ahead and took the whole of Czechoslovakia. None of the Western Alliance powers were able to stop Hitler. This marked the beginning of the Second World War. This had been a ploy by Hitler to form a large alliance that would fight for him in the Second World War (Muller & Gerd 78).
‘Annexing of neighboring countries is disregarding of mutual agreements’.
‘France took a neutral fence when Hitler was trying to capture Czechoslovakia in 1938’.
1) Why do you think Hitler had expansionist ideas?
2) Why other members of the Western Alliance justified taking no action when Hitler decided to take the whole of Czechoslovakia?
Questions by another side
1) Why was Hitler keen on annexing parts of Europe?
He was forming a large army in readiness for the Second World War
2) Was Hitler right in his expansionary ideas?
Yes. At that time, there was a battle for supremacy. Hitler fathomed that German’s allies in the First World War would not support them in case another major war came up. Hitler wanted to conquer the whole of Europe, hence he triggered the war. By annexing most German-speaking regions, he formed a formidable army.  Read More
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